Norman Damore will be sharing the stage with his girlfriend for the first time

Norman Damore promises himself a great summer to play and laugh, because he’s part of the cast fools dinnerPresented in Drummondville. He is already looking forward to performing in this play which promises to be one of the great successes of the summer season. Moreover, he will have the opportunity to do this together with the woman who shares his life with him, Pascal Montreuil. A lovely gift for the soon-to-be 60-year-old actor who will celebrate 25 years of love with his girlfriend next year.

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Photo: Karen Levesque

Normand, I imagine you were glad you were offered this role!
Normand: I was in the Magdalen Islands in the summer of 2018 or 2019. André (Robitaille) He told me he was putting on the play stupid dinner for 2020. I asked him who was playing the jerk. When he replied that it would be Laurent Paquin, I told him, “Wow! Where should I sign?” Finally, production was delayed with the pandemic, but here we go. Andrei, who has already acted in this play, put on a great show. He knows where he wants to go. He tweaked it a bit and gave it a full tempo. We had one last cut recently, and Producer Mario said, “I didn’t think we could go any further than we already did!” We’ll be doing the play this summer, and then we should go on tour in 2023. I think we’ll do that until 2030! (Laugh)

The audience will have fun, but you will also have fun on stage!
N.: Yes! It’s funny! It’s a masterpiece of writing and humor, that show! It’s candy! I feel honored to perform this play.

Is it okay to play a good guy?
N .: My character in Brochant is not a good guy, but everyone sympathizes with him because all that makes Pignon live (Laurent Paquin) Does not make sense! I can’t miss this kind of role. It’s going to be a really good summer. It would be so funny, because with Laurent Paquin, we can’t help but laugh! We will have fun. He works, on stage, Anna and Laurent in Pinon and Prochant. And with René Simard as Juste Leblanc, the play is going to come out and it’s going to be very, very good.

Do you also have buds this summer?
N.: I keep shooting counter show Based on break upAnd I have another project. And since we’re performing in Drummondville, which is half an hour from our chalet, we’ll be spending a lot of time there this summer.

This other project, it is conditionThe new daily series from Radio Canada?
N.: Yes. We started shooting at the beginning of July. This series should last a few years. We’ll see where it takes us. I’m very happy. It’s a beautiful role: oncologist, department head. And we have a great group of actors.

You and Pascal will play together. How long have you been in a relationship?
N .: Next year I will be 25 and this year I will be 60. And no, it’s not at all shocking to think I’m going to turn 60, it’s going so well! (Laugh)

The couple have been making perfect love for nearly 25 years.  Here in 2005, during the premiere of one of the shows.

Photo: © Frederic Auclair

The couple have been making perfect love for nearly 25 years. Here in 2005, during the premiere of one of the shows.

Would you consider yourself lucky to have a sequence of roles like this?
N.: Yes. after, after brake, I found myself in break up I love that either. It’s a challenge for me to do different things. And since I’m often given villainous roles, I don’t want the villains to look the same. Otherwise it will be boring.

Also, you now have seven Randolph bars in Quebec, where you can play board games. Would you say that with the pandemic, these types of games have grown in popularity?
N: Of course! During the first months of the pandemic, Randolph’s boutique in 37 Days sold what it sold in a year! People have played board games, and we’re very happy about that.

For your part, Pascal, we feel you will have a lot of fun playing it stupid dinner!
Pascal: Everyone who turned it on, and I know many of them, says that every time the audience screams! Of course we refer to the movie: almost everyone has seen it. When I was pregnant with my daughter, 20 years ago, I used to work in a video store and I always put it on stupid dinner background. You know the fonts so well!

And you’re going to play your friend’s wife in this play, right?
B .: Yes, this is the first time we have played a couple, and this is the third time we have been on the same show. We met in 1998 on Salem witches, in TNM. About ten years later, we played together in Metropolis Blues. And there, we find ourselves in this piece playing a couple that just don’t go well. It will be a great season.

In addition to performing in the play, you will have the opportunity to sing.
B .: Yes, it’s really cool. Producers Andre Ropitel and Mario Provencher have long had the idea of ​​doing an opening act to heat the room. And because Gabrielle Fontaine and I are singers, they gave us this gift. This is it Goofs clubSo we set the stage for the play. And that will show another aspect of our talent. In addition, we “brainstormed” the songs we would find there, and Frédéric Reddy, who makes the music, took inspiration from all of our ideas to create a mix.

At the Gémeaux Awards in 2014, with Norman's son, Lancelot, and their daughter Marguerite.

Photo: © Christian Hebert

At the Gémeaux Awards in 2014, with Norman’s son, Lancelot, and their daughter Marguerite.

Next year, you’ll be together for 25 years. Are you planning anything special to celebrate this?
B: Yes, indeed, but we celebrate every day already! We had three or four wedding plans, but each time we were too busy; There was always a show or something going on. My boyfriend asked me about a lifelong engagement, and he didn’t ask me to marry him.
Life will tell us if it will happen!

stupid dinner It is presented at the Maison des Arts Desjardins in Drummondville starting July 8th. For more information or to purchase tickets:
You can listen to the test on OhDio Oh! the testhosted by Normand.
break up And the condition It will be released in September.

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