Another (other) goal of Johli; Two Oil Kings win WHL title

The WHL Final Series continued yesterday in Seattle.

Kayden Jewell and the Oil Kings, who tied 1-1 in Edmonton on Sunday, were trying to take a 2-1 lead and are limited to two narrow wins for the WHL title and a berth in the Anniversary Cup.

Did they succeed? The answer is yes. With ease, I must say…

4-0 victory over the Thunderbirds!

How did Guhle perform in the win? Very well! He scored the third goal of the match thanks to a live throw…

In addition to ending the game by a difference plus 2. Guhle has 15 points in 16 playoffs, the fifth-highest total for a man in defense in the WHL.

The Oil Kings and Thunderbirds will meet again tonight in Seattle. Will the oil kings make a serious choice about the title? It may be. The Oil Kings are on a mission!

Note that the Bulldogs (Mysak and Xhekaj) will play their next game in the OHL Final against the Spitfires (Sobolev) on Friday night in Windsor. String equals 1 to 1.

In QMJHL, the Cataractes will attempt to advance 3-0 in their series against the Charlottetown Islanders (Simono & Trudeau) tonight at Shawinigan.

Guhle in the NHL?
Thanks to seeing Kaiden Guhle doubling down on beautiful performances, the question becomes more and more capacitor : Will the NHL season start in October?

We know Kent Hughes doesn’t condom Not planning to start the season with Harris, Jules And the Baron in the big club…

Especially since Romanov, 22, is already playing a big role.

We also know that Jeff Petrie (for now), Joel Edmondson, David Savard and Chris Weidmann are all under contract for the 2023-22 season…

We can expect to see Kent Hughes replace Petrie with a veteran – he himself said so – if the latter leaves…

There’s a good chance we’ll see Canadian GM get another Defender over the summer, through deals or the free agent market…

In short, there will probably not be room for everyone on the Blue Line.

Bootcamp will be so much fun in September…maybe more than the regular season, What is it? And Corey Scheueneman doesn’t get out of the equation just yet!

Until then, Guhle will have big hockey to play: WHL Final, Possible Memorial Cup, Possible World Championship Carpentry

Let’s hope he arrives in Montreal fresh and ready in September, for beginner camp, and then on to TRUE camp…

Right now, I see Guhle ahead of Barron and Barron before Harris. Although Guhle has yet to play a single NHL game. He really looked like a pro a year ago when he was playing at Laval…

Many of

Claude Giroud would like to stay in Florida, but…

Clarence Campbell Cup Nathan McKinnon prevented his colleagues from smiling in the official photo. Remember that Joe Sakic asked his players to touch the cup.

The goal of the missile: not to take revenge.

What will Marie-Philip Boleyn bring to Canadians?

Happy birthday, Mike.

Another death in the world of boxing.

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