Rumor has it that the Canadian will choose Logan Cooley

I am going counting in children : Only 16 little kids left Sleeps Before the first day of the NHL Entry Draft (first round). Do I need to remind you that this will be done at the Bell Center?

Canadians will have a chance to pick first place in front of their fans. We haven’t seen that much in recent NHL history…

For several weeks, we’ve all been wondering who the Canadian would pick with this first option. Inclusive.

The understated midfielder but the official who has topped multiple charts for years? #shinwright

The great winger who has impressed many observers in recent months, especially on the international stage? #JurajSlavkovsky

America’s small center full of talent whose skills are comparable to those of Patrick Kane? #Logan Cooley

Alexander Burrows did not come out of it scoop Or featured tip 10 days ago when he admitted that CH was going to hunt Wright, Slavkowski, or Cooley. I don’t see who can honestly be called number one. This is almost certain.

About 80% of the recruits TVA Sports spoke to (OTSN, my memory failed) about two weeks ago still chose Shane Wright if they had to advise Kent Hughes.

Bob McKenzie still ranks first on Wright’s latest list.

Also Craig Button.

But Jean Peron claims to know – through Simon Nemec’s agent – that CH will choose Juraj Slafkovsky. Matthias Brunet has also been leaning towards this possibility for a few days…

But now Grant McCaugh, a former amateur recruit with the Montreal Canadiens, confirms that the recruiter from another team heard that CH was going to surprise everyone and signed up for Logan Colley on July 7. CH will fear making a mistake by choosing Wright.

Who is telling the truth?

Has the Canadian administration really made its final decision right now? Not sure…

Note that MacKenzie put (for now) Cooley in second in his ranking and Slavkowski in fifth. The Slovak winger scored several goals against second-tier teams on the international scene, but was unable to fill in the net against excellent teams, both at the Olympics and at the World Championships. Carpentry Or only the Finnish first class.

Button has Slavkovsky in second and Cole in fourth. McKenzie and Boone now put Joachim Kimmel in third.

the curse I can’t wait until mid-July for all this speculation to be behind us (and to be on vacation, eh eh).

Many of

Kayden Guhle is still not sure if he will compete in the World Championships Carpentry in August.

Nikita Kucherov’s injury: Devon Toyuz will not be suspended.

– It was reported that the Kanucks family did not threaten Kuzmenko with anything, but …

– Patrick Lynn (FRG) Will he accept a compromise?

– Wright, Slavkovsky or Cole?

– Covid-19 hit Still in the world of sports.

– Grand?

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