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Élise Lagacé loves love stories and romantic comedies. An interview with an authorA chance to love each other, 1. Dear Dolores, the first part of a trilogy about a woman who sees her life turned upside down. A perfect read, all with a sense of humour, for the beautiful days to come.

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Olivia Levi

Olivia Levi

The author also loves vaudeville, closing doors, surprises and twists. This is what awaits us Dear Doloresthe first part of the trilogy, which plunges us into the world of Dolores, the woman who, in appearance, leads an exemplary life.

She is the mother of three boys, Atlas, Orion and Hermes, is in a relationship with Frank, a selfish movie star, and lives in a big and beautiful house. Her life changes when he tells her that he wants to redirect the couple into an open relationship with other women and wants to separate. Dolorès then returns to her native village, which she left 20 years ago, and accepts the garage inherited by her father. This move causes an electric shock in the village, which does not see with a good eye the return of Dolores from the big city. “Dolores is a complete and intrusive lady, who owns a garage and wears velvet high heels while fixing cars,” exclaims writer Elise Lagasse interviewed by us.

Quarantine notification

The themes explored by author Elise Lagasse are numerous: the family we leave behind, the couple going through poorly, the midlife crisis, the responsibilities we’re running away from, and life in the country. I grew up in the country and live just north of Juliette in Lanudiere. There is a real community spirit, it is very strong, we are all connected to each other, like a big family. There is mutual assistance, total acceptance of the other, which we find in my novel. We live in old houses, we all know each other. Obviously, there are love-hate relationships, jealousy and people who envy the lives of others,” she explains.

This life, in particular, consists of unexpected events, good and bad surprises, sometimes painful, especially when difficult decisions have to be made. And when you enter your forties, you have three children and responsibilities, sometimes you want to let go of everything.

I had this need to tell us about my 40th birthday, the age I’ve always considered the expiration date for women. When I was younger, I remember a friend who was in his forties telling me that he didn’t like women his age, because in the morning he thought they were tough… It affected me so much, it’s terrible.

Elise Lagas

“I told myself, ‘This is going to happen to me too.’ While I’m 42 now and I’m a lot better about myself than I was at 25. And women are more fulfilling. We free ourselves from everything, know what we want, have fun, and take responsibility. That’s what I did while writing this trilogy. . A chance to love each other, this is the address! Can we stop tearing each other down and love each other? »

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Elise Lagasse, authorA chance to love each other

Élise Lagacé has worked for a long time in various publishing houses as an editor or in the field of merchandising. She admits that she finds it difficult to move on. “It took me a long time. Writing has always been my goal, it’s my life, who I am, it’s a part of me. I love telling stories, I’m haunted by my characters who sometimes surprise me. I have a lot of ideas and that’s why it’s a trilogy.”

She promised that with this book, which is her second novel, the reader will enjoy (we confirm it!) and that the sequel is promising, and its characters are out of control. “I love entertaining literature, which makes you think at the same time, I love that reading is done with pleasure and joy! »

Dolores in songs

Music occupies a special place in this novel as each chapter corresponds to the title of the song. DJ Dollie’s profile has been created on Spotify and Deezer, and in Chère Dolorès’ list we find his 50 songs. A very diverse choice stretching from Julian Clerc to Lionel Richie via Messi Elliott, The Beatles and Robert Charlebois. “It’s a paralepi element. I find it interesting to feed the script with music, it’s a way to create a real world for the character of Dolores, who was the DJ.”

A chance to love each other, 1. Dear Dolores

A chance to love each other1. Dear Dolores

Inaugural Editions

336 pages

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