Caufield and Suzuki are open (and excited?) to play with Slafkovsky

I have seen? Slavkovsky? coli?

Who will pick Canadians first overall next month?

The most traditional and least risky option? big wing Mile Who is scoring the goals and who has improved the most over the past few months? The youngest striker whose innate talent seems to be coming out of his ears?

Corey Bronman would pick Slafkovsky, he, just like Alain Chainey on this matter.

Size, skateboarding, puck handling, shooting, disc protection, the impact they can have on the game, recent performances on the international scene (including the title of best player in the Olympics for only 17) … Slafkovsky ticked several boxes in Pronman’s list .

Meanwhile, Wright had a season well below expectations at OHL. That’s what scares Bronman.

“Wright has had a mediocre season by his standards. He’s scored more OHL goals – and in fewer games – as a U-16 player than U18. It’s rare that a potential first-choice general isn’t an elite top scorer in the CHL, let alone a The fact that he wasn’t even his team’s top scorer.Kingston was also eliminated in the second round of the OHL Playoffs in five games by North Bay. Corey Bronman

hard to find a Excellent, elite-level quality in Wright according to Bronman…

I invite you to read Bronman’s entire text in order to fully understand each of the arguments in favor of Slavkovsky, not Wright (or Cooley).

Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield, who met yesterday on the sidelines of a famous Cummings Jewish Foundation for Seniors luncheon, did not refuse to Slavkovsky no.

“He seems to be a good player to me. He adapted perfectly to playing with Cole and myself. – Nick Suzuki to Jean-Francois Teutonio

“It would be great! I know he’s an excellent player. – Cole Caufield

Let’s remember that Slavkovsky himself admitted that a trio of Suzuki and Coffield would make very sick line.

It should be noted that Suzuki and Coffield never admitted to prefer Slafkovsky over Wright (or anyone else). All they did was answer questions posed by journalists about any of the possibilities this year. The opposite would be surprising!

“I don’t make those decisions. We will be happy no matter who is chosen.— Nick Suzuki, in good shape captain leader

We’re just as excited about Slafkovsky’s potential choice than we were about Shane Wright’s choice. Is it because the guy is going to play with them instead of fighting for a place in the top row with them? Can…

Many of

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– Now it’s official.

Lewis Hamilton will attend the Montreal Grand Prix in a few days.

My colleague Kevin Vale will replace Stefan Gonzalez this week.

Great goal from Jarom Iginla’s daughter. #Canada # Under 18

From refugee camps to host families in the US, then to CF Montreal’s locker room.

#Caufield #Suzuki #open #excited #play #Slafkovsky

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