37th Gemini Awards | Who will dominate? Huguet or Audrey?

No need to own a crystal ball to predict which performances will reap a plethora of selections on Wednesday, when Veronique Cloutier and Nicolas Ollet unveil the 37 finalistsbe Gemini Award. At the end of a frenetic TV season, here are our predictions.

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Marc-Andre Lemieux

Marc-Andre Lemieux

Let’s start with the obvious: in fiction, I love you like that It will come out on top. The second season of Huguette et compagnie’s crime-comedy received a more than enthusiastic reception this spring on ICI Tou’s Extra. Television. Will you be able to beat the 15 picks you got in 2020? Bets are open.

Directed by Jan England and broadcast on TVA, written by Quebec red bracelets It will also be a favourite. There is no doubt about itOne-way ticketOne of the great surprises of the 2021-2022 calendar, will get its share of the pie. The Agatha Christianian thriller will allow Noovo to cement his position as a major player.

Image provided by sphere media

scene fromOne-way ticket

Audrey is back He could outperform all these productions and take first place. Indeed, it’s hard to see how a series that is being rewarded almost everywhere outside Quebec’s borders (the Dior Grand Prix in Cannes, the Best International Audience Award in Denver, the Francophone Prize in Banff) can be avoided at home. The work of authors Florence Longbury and Guillaume Lambert, presented to Club Elico, tells with humor, sensitivity and depth the story of a young woman emerging from a coma after 15 long years.

Image courtesy of Bixcom

Florence Longbury (Audrey) in Audrey is back

Important detail to note: The series was presented on the comic side, the Pixcom production box confirms. And therefore, Audrey is back can encounter Discussions with my fatherAnd the eye of the stormAnd the blue houseAnd the comradesAnd the LeoAnd the counter showAnd the Without an appointment, me tooetc.

acceptable or not?

The eligibility period for Gemini starts from 1Verse From May 2021 to April 30, 2022, titles published in the past two months will have to wait until 2023 in hopes of winning a selection. In other words, we should avoid crying when we notice an absence heads!And the From the brain orband 99 in the list of finalists. These products were simply not eligible.

It would also be interesting to study the academy’s attitude toward series that are fairly new in our minds, such as after, after And the get me out. Online in Spring 2021, respectively on ICI Tou’s Extra. tv and Crave, these miniseries were later broadcast on traditional television.

Starring Karen Vanas, she paints a picture of a small Lawrence community suffering the aftermath of a shooting. after, after It should work well because it resonated with the audience.

Photo by Eric Mayer, provided by Radio Canada

serial after, after should Appear on the Gemini honor roll.

Having found less echo, get me out can be deprived. Sophie Loren and Alexis Durand-Proult’s presentation of Vincent Leclerc, hypnotized as a bipolar man (we say no more to avoid spoiling the fun of latecomers who would like to look at it), should allow for a mention.

Pay sack?

One factor could affect jurors this year. An item that can be described as a ‘starting bonus’. Indeed, the Academy would probably like to highlight the many titles and programs leaving the antenna by giving them – at least – a selection.

Pierre Bruno, who has just retired VAT newsWill he be a finalist for the Best Public Affairs Program Host award? Will the departure of Edith Cochrane play for TV kids ? Will Denis Gagné finds his way back into the selections with Johane Despins grocery store ? Probably.

Regarding the cut side, did the academy feel pressure to decide on the name foreverAnd the Another story And the blue hour Because she knows she’ll never have the chance again? The same can be said about District 31which ended in April after six seasons, but speaking of the undisputed rating champion, we bet the series would have amassed plenty of picks, regardless.

Photo courtesy of Carl Jesse

serial District 31 It ended last April after six seasons.

towards a “normal” party

After the 2020-2021 season tainted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the TV industry has been running at full speed for the past 12 months. The resurgence of the original productions was reflected in the increase in registrations in the competition, says the Director-General of the Academy, Department of Quebec, Mara-Jord-Mercado.

Alain Roberge photos, LA PRESSE archives

Mara-Jord-Mercado, Executive Director of the Canadian Film and Television Academy, Quebec Division

As for the party, which Véronique Cloutier will be piloting on ICI Télé on September 18, everything indicates that it will abandon the intimate pandemic formulas of recent releases.

This year, what we want is to find a semblance of normalcy, announced Mara Gord Mercado. The past two years have highlighted our need for a sense of community. This is the spirit we will find in Gemini. We want to celebrate together, side by side. »

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