Expose the threat to Trump with an investigation

After amassing a slew of evidence since last summer and presenting hundreds of witnesses behind closed doors, the US House of Representatives committee tasked with shedding light on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 is in its final stages, with six people detained. Public hearings, two of which will be broadcast during primetime.

A predictable event, such as the broadcast of the Watergate hearings in another era, could upend public perceptions of the true role former President Donald Trump played in the state-organised coup attempt that day.

“It is entirely possible that these public hearings will reveal new, more incriminating evidence and shed more light on the conspiracy devised by Trump administration officials to prevent the results of the 2020 presidential election from being certified,” he said in an interview with Should American political historian John Mohr, who teaches at the University of Alabama. Certainly, what this commission has already revealed indicates that the project was more structured than previously thought. If more is revealed, the risk of criminal prosecution for those involved in the January 6 violence may increase. »

Shocked to the United States, the Capitol Rebellion has left former President Donald Trump facing a second hearing, just a week after his supporters stormed the legislature. And so the crowd was illegally seeking to keep the populist, who had been ousted at the ballot box, in his office in the White House.

Trump was then accused of masterminding this deadly anti-democratic riot – 7 people lost their lives – by organizing a political rally outside the dome of democracy, that day, and by calling on the crowd to “fight non-stop” to get the election canceled by falsely claiming over months that it It was fake. But the Republican majority in the Senate preferred to acquit him.

Since then, the parliamentary committee has succeeded in highlighting the concerted effort by Donald Trump’s confidants to overturn the ballot box results. The plan, spearheaded by former populist strategist Steve Bannon and one of his national security advisers, Peter Navarro, had a name, “Green Bay Sweep,” and aimed to find mechanisms and procedures to annul the November 2020 vote.

Like Bannon, Navarro stubbornly refused to cooperate with the commission. On Friday, he was formally indicted in contempt of Congress for refusing to appear there and was arrested by the FBI in the afternoon.

manipulation and power

The exchange of text messages between Mark Meadows, the former chief of staff of Donald Trump, and several political and media figures, obtained by parliamentarians, also made it possible to shed light on the seriousness of the attack on American democracy. One of those contacts, involving former Texas Governor Rick Perry, for example, showed that the latter had developed a plan to replace the Democratic vote in states whose legislatures were under Republican control, such as Georgia or Arizona, to achieve this. Vote for Donald Trump.

Finally, on the ground, on January 6, this rebellion also relied on the cooperation of far-right groups to block the vote ratification process by the US legislature. The former leader of one of these groups, the “Proud Boys”, Henri “Enrique” Tarrio, was also arrested following the riots. He is awaiting trial and faces charges of “conspiracy”.

Throughout June, the January 6 Commission of Inquiry broadcast, which will begin Thursday at 8 p.m., could reveal more, as during Watergate, this attempt by President Nixon’s 1972 Democratic National Committee.

We remember: testimony, before America, from John Dean, a former White House legal counsel, made it possible to understand that the storming of Democrats’ offices had been personally authorized by former Attorney General John Mitchell and that White House counselors knew about the company. Dean also confirmed that Richard Nixon was involved in the cover-up of the events that followed.

“It is unknown on the eve of these public hearings: it is not clear to what extent the commission will attribute direct responsibility to Donald Trump as the instigator of the rebellion and accuse other individuals and groups,” drops Michael Traugott, a political specialist. Communications at the University of Michigan.

“The commission will try to take advantage of the press spotlight on it to maximize the impact of its findings,” adds Stephen Webster, professor of political science at Indiana University. Both sides play a big role in these sessions, with Democrats wanting to avoid being seen as retaliatory and aggressive, and Republicans fearful of shock revelations that hurt Trump, his allies or the party as a whole. »

In the footsteps of Richard Nixon, betrayed in part by tapes of debates about a planned crime in the upper state, and whose tapes were revealed during the public hearings of the investigative committee, it appears that Donald Trump wants to hide the damned. Evidence. At least that’s what explains the investigation’s discovery of a 7-hour, 37-minute “gap” in the official record of phone calls issued by the US presidential office on January 6, 2021. It reveals the attack on the Capitol.

Evidence of a crime

John Mohr says, “If sufficient incriminating evidence accumulates against him, he could face criminal charges, even if it is unprecedented for a former president to face criminal charges for crimes committed during his tenure. There is nothing in the Constitution to prevent him, but politically it can be explosive, And that, in a country far more polarized than it was during the Nixon hearings.”

If public hearings have the potential to re-light the authoritarian and undemocratic excesses of the former US president, they nonetheless remain a risky exercise for Democrats, estimates political scientist and law professor James Gardner, of the University at Buffalo. . , join it duty in New York State. He said the new revelations about crimes committed by Donald Trump during his presidency threatens to be seen by his base as evidence of more than unfounded cruelty against him, according to his supporters. This will only mobilize them further, when they are already massively mobilized. »

After passing through Wyoming a few days ago in support of Harriet Hageman’s nomination, facing off against Liz Cheney, Trump’s critic and Republican rare to sit on the committee responsible for the investigation on January 6, the populist also brought back this review, again describing the Capitol Rebellion. A “hoax” and a condemnation of a “partisan, hideous, false, fabricated and hysterical novel.”

“Donald Trump’s supporters brought him to power knowing his flaws, and voted for him again in 2020, dissuaded by his four years in office and public disregard for the rule of law,” Gardner adds. Sessions and committee report [attendu plus tard cette année] It will not change minds. If Trump runs in 2024 and is defeated, it will not be because his supporters have broken with him, but rather because those who already oppose him will continue to do so and appear at the polls more often to express themselves. »

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