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After the first edition led by Thibaud Huriez, who is currently a student at UC Berkeley,An insane managerial odyssey revamped by two brothers : Clément and Roman Mayer, students respectively at Emilion and Paris Dauphin. Return to their unique adventure to meet the world!

Hi everyone, can you introduce yourselves?

Clement: Hello everyone, my name is Kleiman, I am 22 years old. I am passionate about personal development issues and organizing human interactions within companies. I am currently a student at Emlyon Business School and I, along with my brother Roman, are the second duo in Management Odyssey.

Romanian: Hello all! I am Romanian and I am 24 years old. I have a little sister and a little brother with whom I started the most amazing adventure of my life. I am passionate about sports and personal development. This is the last point that prompted me to set out with Clément in an administrative odyssey after graduating from the University of Paris Dauphine last year.

What is an administrative odyssey?

An Administrative Odyssey is a 6-month journey through several countries for… Explore and share new management practices. Our goal: to find companies and people who want to break the rules of traditional business

This year, we plan to cross 8 countries, interview more than 150 employees and 50 companies.

The project is divided into 3 phases:

  • Preparing for the trip : Logistics, finance, communication setup, etc.
  • Travel : Overall 6 months of travel in several countries, met 150 collaborators and more than 50 companies.
  • transition : Conferences, Final Report and Articles: This moment will be an opportunity to return to France and share all your discoveries with French companies and professionals.

How did you know about the administrative odyssey?

We discovered the Odyssey during a conference in Imilion Then through social networks and the association’s website.

Then we called Roman and Tybod, the association’s founding duo.

What prompted you to embark on the adventure?

We were attracted by different elements in the three phases of the project:

  • Preparing for the trip: We loved the idea of ​​being completely free to design our epic. There is a research framework with the association but the duo are completely independent of their adventure. This entrepreneurial aspect appealed to us a lot. Having to raise funds, persuade companies, set up a communication strategy and manage the relationship with partners were new skills for us and an interesting challenge.
  • Travel : Discover companies around the world, new cultures, new places, and new people every day. Every day is different which makes the adventure exciting.
  • transition : Conferencing, changing mindsets, and discussing with the more experienced professionals than us. We really like the idea of ​​sharing our discoveries with professionals and students.

Doing an Experiment Between Brothers: An Axiom?

we’ve got Two types of reactions When we explain that we are making this journey between brothers:

  • You guys are crazy because I wouldn’t have done this to my brother/sister.
  • What an opportunity to do this as a family.

We are leaning more towards the second reaction. We have always been very close and shared a lot of things together for a long time. It’s a real chance to be able to do that between brother and guides.

On the other hand, the fact that we are so close brings honesty towards each other which can sometimes be a source of stress!

Comments at all (search for partners, definition of roadmap, etc.)

The launch is a very motivating moment. The beginning is approaching, everything has to be built and invented.

For our part, we spent 4 and a half months preparing for our departure. The roadmap may be binary based but some elements are common:

  • selection of countries;
  • Find partners
  • first business meetings;
  • framing the project, your needs and desires;
  • setting up communications;
  • All logistics (insurance, mode of transportation, etc.)

Who were your partners in this edition?

This year we have both financial and non-financial partners.

  • Our financial partners

SNCF, Imfusio, The NextGen Enterprise, Altman, Cofidis Group, Paris-Dauphine, Master 010 – Design Innovation in Management (CIM), emlyon business school, emlyon alumni, LITA.co

  • We also have non-financial partners who provide us with valuable assistance on the journey.

Planète Grandes Écoles, thanks again for this article and which is a great follow-up to student projects, we have an instructor, Thomas Bouchard, accompanying projects like ours, Great Place To Work Network, AirZen Radio.

We are very pleased with our partner team and try to apply with them all the good practices we see in the business.

What countries have been skipped under this second edition of Administrative Odyssey?

We started this year with Norway and Iceland. Then we went to Brazil and in Colombia, then in Canada and for United States of America. While we’re doing this interview, we’re leaving South Korea. We will finish our trip in Vietnam !

Your fondest memories?

There are many of them! We lived wonderful moments in Iceland, while discovering incredible landscapes. We also visited a very innovative kindergarten where we attended a supplement session between 4 year old boys (ritual at school every morning), which is important.

In Brazil, visit Rocinha favela, in Colombia, visit Comuna 13 Where we were able to notice the extreme poverty but also the crazy creativity on the part of the Brazilians and the Colombians! Intense moments every time.

We have also had great moments in our professional meetings with very interesting and inspiring people.

In your opinion, what are the contributions of an adventurer like the managerial Odyssey?

Multiple Odyssey contributions:

  • human adventure A very powerful moment of sharing with the person of your choice. A journey that holds incredible surprises, surprising encounters and crushing moments.
  • continuous learning Fundraising, Partner Management, Article Writing, and Communication: The project requires a lot of skills and allows for continuous progress.
  • Travel : Discovering new cultures, traveling and meeting new people: Travel is an essential part of the project and will allow you to discover the world while enjoying a very rich professional experience.
  • the network : The Administrative Odyssey is a very powerful way to build an international network and France. In fact, the project allowed us to exchange with people who are otherwise difficult to reach.
  • Many other items that are difficult to measure : openness to a large number of topics, maturity, unusual memories, change of mindset, different aspirations…

What were the main difficulties you faced during this world tour?

Obviously, this is a very demanding experience, we encountered several difficulties:

  • logistics : With Covid we found ourselves in quite comical situations. In Iceland, for example, Clément tested positive 5 hours before departure…
  • Work/leisure balance This balance is sometimes hard to find. We have a lot of work to do and at the same time we want to benefit from the countries we are in.
  • Diversity of expectations : Writing articles, conferences, communication, professional meetings… There are so many different things to do, that sometimes it can be hard to manage.

All of these difficulties are fun to progress and learn during the journey.

When you come back, what are the next steps?

On the way back, we’ll all have the transportation part and share our discoveries. Next, we let ourselves be fooled by the opportunities that will present themselves.

The trip opened up many topics for us like education for example. Why is there a new project about that!

Any advice for students who don’t dare set out on a trip around the world?

A project like Managerial Odyssey is a win-win for everyone. This is a rare experience that mixes travel and work. You can start with any topic you are passionate about, and you will follow the business.

If you do not dare to start, the easiest way is to create conditions that leave you no choice. For example, taking your first train or plane ticket.

Finally, it is an experience that will forever change your life both professionally and personally.

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