This French cleaning software speeds up your Mac up to 3 times

The washing machine published by the French company Intego is a specialized cleaning program for Apple computers. Currently on sale, it’s the perfect solution to bring your Apple computer back to its early days and extend its life.

The washing machine, a cleaning software for Mac published by the French company Intego, is currently undergoing a lot of promotion. It is possible to get it for only €19.99 instead of €49.99 for a lifetime license. Excellent opportunity to get it at the best price at the moment. Remember that Intego is also known worldwide as a Mac antivirus.

As a result, the French publisher is the most efficient on the market to offer a set of programs to improve Apple devices. With this in mind, the latter is able to offer the basic tools to the users in order to get the best level of performance and security. The washing machine software goes in this direction and makes it possible to speed up Macs up to x3.

Basically, the Intego washing machine thoroughly cleans your Mac computer. It removes many unnecessary and outdated files that slow down your Apple device. Thus, the latter regains its original speed. There is no point in changing it, you just have to improve it. For a modest €20, which you only pay once because it’s a lifetime license, your Mac will work again like new.

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The other good news is that Intego offers you a safety net to test your washing machine cleaning program. This way, you have a total of 30 days to test the service without risk, during which time you have the possibility to confirm a “satisfied or refund” guarantee.

Why choose the Intego washing machine?

Most often, the slowdown of a computer running under any operating system is due to the saturation of its hard disk. In fact, the more files it contains (most of which are useless), the less efficient your Mac will be. This is where Intego comes in with its cleaning software X9 . washing machine for Apple devices.

After a complete analysis of your hard drive, it makes a complete list of all the unused (useless and outdated) files that can be deleted without risk. Do not delete it without your consent. Therefore, you are the only decision maker. And you just choose what you want to delete or keep.

Also note that there is no point in running the washing machine every day. For a perfect result, the editor recommends running the program every 3 or 4 months in order to keep your system clean, fast and optimized. Also, as we mentioned earlier, Intego is the only publisher that offers such an interesting formula. In fact, once you buy for €19.99, This Mac cleaning tool is yours for life. This corresponds to its use, which is intended to be precise.

Mac Premium Bundle X9: The Best of the Best for Your Apple Device

For people who want to go further and protect their Mac as well as improve it, Intego also publishes the best Mac antivirus software on the market. Thanks to its proprietary cybersecurity solution, it has become known worldwide – and today it prides itself on protecting at least 32 million macOS users.

Based on this success, Intego decided to offer a comprehensive solution for the most demanding people. So a definitive package called Mac Premium Bundle X9 was born. The latter already includes the top of the software developed by Intego, namely: washing machine, antivirus, a tool intended for cloud backups as well as parental control programs.

All are currently offered at an unbeatable price of €29.99 per year (instead of €84.99 currently). For users, it is simply the best solution on the market to secure, improve, and constantly update their Mac. He’s also clearly the one we’d recommend. Finally, know that Intego gives you a 30-day trial period. Good to get an idea before making a decision.

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Discover the washing machine

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