Mario Langlois sees the Canadian pick up Pierre-Luc Dubois this summer

Elliot Friedman said a few hours ago that Pierre-Luc Dubois – a restricted free agent eligible to arbitrate whose rights belong to the Jets for another two years – informed team management that he intended to leave Winnipeg in 2024 (or earlier). There will be no doubt for him to sign a long-term contract with his current team.

What should Kevin Sheffieldev do with Dubois? Should he trade him, knowing that his striker – who will undoubtedly earn more than $5 million next season – has no intention of staying in Winnipeg when he becomes a free agent? he has to Take it all Duboa at the level of hockey and let it go for nothing In two years? Do you have to keep it even Limit 2024while it might happen enormous for his services? Should the potential reconstruction of Winnipeg be expedited by replacing Dubois immediately?

But above all, what should we think of Pierre-Luc Dubois and the many rumors about him?

no was clicking So it’s not so between him and John Tortorella that he ended up being traded after an evening when he had spread zero efforts. Then he actually wants to leave Manitoba after only two seasons…

Mario Langlois, host of the popular show sports fans On the airwaves 98.5 FM, a on fire A number of Habs supporters yesterday on Facebook. I admit it according to himit was Pierre-Luc Dubois’s dream to play for the Montreal Canadiens and that opportunity could happen as soon as the summer of 2024…or earlier, if Kent Hughes was interested in Dubois and made a deal with the Gates.


Langlois went further. If the Canadian were to get Dubois this summer (versus Josh Anderson and something else?), wouldn’t Nick Bobrov be better off drafting Juraj Slafkovksy or another player not playing in the middle? This is the question that Mario Langlois asked himself at the end of his book Mail.

With Dubois and Suzuki in town, the need may be more pressing on the wing or on the Blue Line. Especially with the successor of Christian Dvorak…

But at the same time, I’m not a fan project by situation. I would love to see a scouting director pick the best available player, This is it. A lot can happen between the ages of 18 and 23 for an athlete…

Pierre-Luc Dubois celebrates today Saint Jean His twenty-fourth birthday. It is small enough to fitter In the plan to rebuild the duo Hughes Gorton. On the other hand, it’s his personality and attitude – they say he’s good Babybut… – you might be distracted in Montreal. Imagine if we learned after just one season that DuBois is looking forward to the summer of 2024 to go to the US…

Let’s say Dubois and Hughes (who would have paid dearly to get it) are going to spend a bad quarter of an hour on sports channels. Especially since getting Dubois would be very expensive…

Dubois scored 60 points in 81 games last season. And a 106-minute penalty kick…

Knowing that he wants to play in Montreal for ten years, the Canadians will make a better team right away and I’ll go to him tomorrow morning.

Remember, according to Frank Seravalli, Blake Wheeler could also leave Winnipeg this summer. Paul Stastney, he will gain complete independence and should move on in Montreal. It also appears that Barry Trotz has chosen to pursue his career away from Manitoba (home). No, things are not going well in Winnipeg…

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