The “Quarry” test: Is horror worth the successor to “Until Dawn”?

An experience that is not accessible to everyone. After the beautiful surprise until dawn (released in 2015 on PlayStation 4) and the exciting trilogy Dark Images Anthology (released between 2019 and 2021 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), Supermassive Games [studio de développement anglais, ndlr] Returns to thrilling players around the world with a terrifying new dubbed narrative experience quarry.

A supposed homage to the combat of the 90s. The beginning of the game immerses you in the atmosphere of this horror film in which we seem to already know the tragic outcome. Nine students gather to spend the summer as camp monitors at Hackett Quarry Summer Camp. Everything seems poetic. A green forest, a peaceful lake and a welcoming cottage surround the surroundings. Unfortunately, not everything will go as planned for our group of friends because they will find themselves stuck in the building during the last day of vacation due to a car malfunction, thus postponing her departure until the next day. Then the group wishes to present an unforgettable last evening under a dazzling full moon during an unforgettable bonfire.

Then a terrifying night awaits our heroes who do not suspect the hostility of the place. Among the paranormal phenomena, werewolves and hunters with extremely frightening looks, the night would be restless.

Interactive story like “Until Dawn”

In the same way as its previous production, Supermassive Games puts in quarry His story is at the heart of the game. live adventure. It’s kind of a key word in this paced video game experience until dawn. Thanks to the Hollywood controlled show, we stay immersed and engaged from start to finish in the plot. The different characters, often very cartoonish, managed to touch us as we progressed in the story. We learn to appreciate and understand them. They gain more depth than in until dawn where Dark Images Anthology.

The selection system is thrown again. It will have a huge impact on the rest of your career. Some heroes can lose their lives there (there are 186 different endings). It is up to you to do everything to save them during this harrowing journey. Several QTE sequences [sorte d’action contextuelle qui consiste à appuyer au bon moment sur la bonne touche] shown. The adventure skillfully blends exploration, action and dialogue. Supermassive games once again show ease in this area. It is well written and we are happy to continue this ‘interactive movie’. quarry He adopts all the horror cinema codes and can use them in a beautiful way.

The faces of the characters will also remind you of some movies since the game’s actresses and actors appeared in the series (13 reasons, good girlsetc.) or feature films (ScreamAnd the X-MenAnd the AliensAnd the evil deadetc.) is very popular.

An elegant realization, but still perfection

whether quarry He was able to captivate us, he is also and above all thanks to his technical awareness. The video game presents a very elegant model for the different characters. You can easily read the feelings on their faces. Fear, astonishment, sadness…everything is there to plunge us firmly into this harrowing adventure that will keep us enthralled for ten hours of gameplay. The title is absolutely beautiful. Decorations were provided, and the play of light was well copied. Only downside, the decorations appear late on the screen. More than that, water… one of the less successful elements of the title.

Generally, quarry keep his promise. It offers us a captivating adventure with likable characters. The experiment was a real success, despite some flaws. It’s clear that super blocky games have mastered their subject matter. For horror game lovers, it would be a shame to miss out on this fun deadly adventure..

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