Canadian restores Otto Liskinen with a one-year contract (two directions)

Last summer, the Canadian had seen a young defender for his organization, Otto Liskinen, leave the team’s lap by making the decision to return to Europe. It was bad news for the Habs, as Liskinen seemed very close to establishing himself in the NHL after two good seasons with Rocket and some good games (playing six) in the NHL.

However, it surprised us on Tuesday afternoon, when CH just announced that it had repatriated Leskinen and that the latter had signed a two-part, one-year contract to return to North America. He will earn $750,000 in the NHL and $300,000 in the AHL.

After spending the past year in KHL and Liiga, Leskinen decided to return to where he spent the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons, namely in the Montreal organization. It took me a bit by surprise, to be honest, but a lot better if he wanted to come back.

Did the success of the missile qualifiers inspired him to return? Is it rather a change in direction for Canadians? Or did he not enjoy his last year in Europe? I do not know him.

However, the situation is a bit strange. After all, last summer Liskinin signed a two-year contract to return to Europe and had just signed another two-year contract with Frolunda HC last month. Did he have an escape clause in this decade to return to North America, and since China had his rights for the next two years, he decided to go back there?

In any case.

At first glance, we can expect the Finn to spend most of his upcoming campaign with the Laval Rocket, having had some very good times during his two seasons in the city. It was definitely one of the best (and maybe even The Best) defenders of the CH school club, and then remember him with the big club.

However, if his final year in Europe allows him to advance, don’t be surprised to see him fight for sixth or seventh place in Montreal. The fact that he’s left-handed could work against him (Joel Edmundson, Alexander Romanoff, Kayden Gaul, Jordan Harris and Corey Schoenemann have already rallied to this side of the team a bit), but Liskinin was very close to making it to the NHL by his passing.

At 25, Liskinen is no longer necessarily young, but he remains an interesting hope for the CH. I’m glad he’s back and we’ll see if he can find a place for himself in Montreal next fall.

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When we talk about nice surprises in MLB, we shouldn’t ignore the Yankees’ catcher.

– News from Marco de Vaio.

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