5 Best Everyday Apps for Apple Watch

5 Best Everyday Apps for Apple Watch

Multiple criteria for designating the Best App for Apple Watch. That’s why we searched the App Store to find the best ones. From games to meditation, there is something for everyone.

Here are the best Apple Watch apps to simplify your life and bring you peace and joy in your everyday life.

Apple Wallet, the best Apple Watch app ever

cost: Free | Perfect for: Pay and travel

Apple Watch Series 7

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  • LDLC


The Wallet app makes it easy to pay with the touch of a finger. Many payment methods are available, bank cards or others. But the app is not just for storing your payment cards and bank details, it is really easy to add and remove cards/tickets.

The application already in some cases allows you to store identity documents, digital keys, or even employee badges. Enough to save you precious minutes if you’re late!

And if you’re traveling on a flight, you can store your boarding passes, hotel reservation information and tickets here. You can also store your loyalty card information.

Advantages :

  • free application;
  • Easy to pay
  • Quick access to tickets.


  • Some problems with Face ID;
  • Electronic piracy issues in the past.

Audible, the best Apple Watch app for audiobooks

cost: Free, but in-app purchases are often required | Perfect for: Read and listen to books or podcasts

Audible is the platform for listening to audiobooks and podcasts, developed by Amazon, that includes more than 500,000 books and audio files, accessible both online and as a mobile application.

  • Exit date: 06/16/2022
  • Writer : Audible Inc.
  • license : Free license
  • Categories:
    Audio – Leisure
  • The operating system : Android – Online Service All Internet Browsers – iOS iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch

Audible enhances standard playback applications, adding audiobooks to the mix. If you’re not a big reader or can’t wait to hear the next chapter, an audiobook might be the perfect solution. In addition to classic titles, Audible offers its own original Audible versions, ensuring you have plenty of content to read and listen to.

It’s not just audiobooks. You’ll also have access to podcasts, some of which are platform-exclusive, as well as read-aloud short stories to keep you going. If you want to finish your book on the way home, Audible is compatible with a number of devices, including iPhone, iPod touch, Kindle, Sonos, and Fire TV.

Advantages :

  • free application;
  • Makes it easy to read on the go;
  • 24/7 support.


  • Some addresses are not available;
  • Paid content.

Headspace, the best Apple Watch meditation app

cost: Free app, then subscribe at €57.99 per year with a 14-day free trial, or €12.99 per month with a 7-day free trial (Family and Student offers available) | Perfect for: Meditation and improve your sleep

Headspace is a meditation and relaxation app. They offer guided meditations that allow you to better manage your daily stress. Learn how to meditate, follow tips, and practice exercises.

  • Exit date: 06/17/2022
  • Writer : Headspace for meditation, wakefulness and sleep
  • license : Free license
  • Categories:
    Leisure – Health
  • The operating system : Android – iOS iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch

Millions of users have subscribed to Headspace, our pick for the best meditation app on the Apple Watch. Headspace claims to reduce stress among its users in just 10 days. There are several settings to choose from, including sleep, meditation, motion, wake, and focus.

For better sleep, there are special audio tracks, sleep exercises, and sleep broadcasts, all designed to improve your sleep. There is also plenty to do during the day.

Meditations help you feel calm throughout the day, along with exercises to work your core, meditations to help you feel calmer. If you need a quick mental boost, check out our inspirational videos anytime. Its peculiarity: The app is sensitive to pronouns and inclusive language so as not to isolate any user.

Advantages :

  • Meditation resources are great.
  • wakefulness and sleep tools
  • its universal language.


  • Membership required
  • It may be restricted for some users.

Nike Run Club

cost: Free, but in-app purchases are often required | Perfect for: To exercise, to train

Nike Run Club is a free running app developed by sports apparel and equipment brand Nike that motivates you and records your runs.

  • Exit date: 06/02/2022
  • Writer : Nike, Inc.
  • license : Free license
  • Categories:
  • The operating system : Android – iOS iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch

Nike Run Club is a great running app. You’ll enjoy your built in trainer to keep you moving and companionable as you reach your new fitness goals.

The app also tracks your stats so you can see your progress. You can view speed and distance while viewing details such as location, altitude and mileage gaps.

It even tracks your heart rate, giving you a complete overview of each exercise. After your run, you can go back and see exactly where you are in your training.

Nike Run Club also gives you wellness tips so you can start living a healthier life. Connect with local friends and other runners to challenge yourself or just find support.

Advantages :

  • Awesome fitness tracker
  • Spotify is integrated;
  • Some features are free.


  • accidental malfunctions
  • Some measurement irregularities.

Tiny Armies, the best Apple Watch app for gamers

cost: 0.99 € | Perfect for: Play and have fun

Tiny Armies is a fun little game for Apple devices: iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. In the program: strategy, battle, conquests. Here, there is no 3D or character being created, everything happens on the game’s network.

  • Exit date: 01/19/2021
  • Writer : Flint brothers
  • license : Business license
  • Categories:
  • The operating system : iOS iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch

Unlike most games, Tiny Armies is specifically designed for the Apple Watch. This is what makes it, in our opinion, the best game on this medium. This is a fast paced game that keeps you completely focused.

There are also incredible scenery along the way, such as rugged mountains and lush forests. Connect with your friends via iMessage or play head-to-head with your best friend.

Don’t worry if your friends are not available to play; You also have the option to play solo. If you want a bigger screen, you can have fun on your iPhone, iPad, or via iMessage.

Advantages :

  • Designed specifically for Apple Watch;
  • Exciting game features;
  • Free Download.


  • Impractical for big fingers

What is the best app for Apple Watch?

Apple Wallet, which was already built into the watch during its initial configuration. It simplifies your daily life: pay, take transportation, present an identity document, etc.

What is the best application for you?

Here are our experts’ recommendations based on each application:

  • Choose Apple Wallet if you need help managing your money;
  • Choose Audible if you want to keep reading on the go;
  • Choose Headspace if you want to cool off in your life;
  • Choose Nike Run Club if you want to make your Apple Watch your personal trainer;
  • Choose Tiny Armies if you want a game designed specifically for the Apple Watch.

How did we choose these apps?

The elements selected for creating this classification were as follows:

  • Functions: For example, track workouts in Nike Run Club and game stats in Tiny Armies;
  • Cost : Budget is always a concern, so we’re looking for affordable apps that won’t break the bank;
  • Compatibility: It is also important to consider how you can access the application, and whether it is also available on your other devices;
  • NB : Ratings are taken into account as they reflect the true experience of users.

What is the Apple Watch app?

It’s software that you can download and run on your Apple Watch.

How much does the best Apple Watch app cost?

The best free Apple Watch app. Downloading and using the app costs nothing.

Are there other Apple Watch apps to consider?

Here are some of them:

1Password, to securely store your passwords directly on your app

1Password is a multi-platform password manager, which allows you to store all your passwords and other sensitive data, and find them from any computer.

  • Downloads: 10
  • Exit date: 06/15/2022
  • Writer : AgileBits Inc.
  • license : proof
  • Categories:
    Facilities – Security
  • The operating system : Android – Google Chrome extension – Microsoft Edge extension – Mozilla Firefox extension – Linux – Windows – iOS iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch – macOS

Auto sleep, to enjoy a peaceful sleep

Auto sleep. Sleep Tracker is a wellness and sleep tracking app that collects data from your smart bracelet and assesses your sleep quality.

  • Downloads: 1
  • Exit date: 12/12/2021
  • Writer : Tenzisa
  • license : Business license
  • Categories:
  • The operating system : iOS iPhone

Citymapper, so you never get lost again while exploring your city

Citymapper is a free mobile application, which will facilitate your travels by public transport and bike in the largest cities of Europe, Asia and America.

  • Exit date: 06/18/2022
  • Writer : Citymapper Ltd.
  • license : Free license
  • Categories:
    hiking travel
  • The operating system : Android – Online Service All Internet Browsers – iOS iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch

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