Before we pay the free agents, we have to think about Cole Caufield’s contract

The new contract that Quebecer Jonathan Huberdeau signed in Calgary reminds us that good players cost. And when these guys turn 29 and are on a nine-year contract, they can end up getting heavy.

Many people dream of Huberdeaux in Montreal and the name Pierre-Luc Dubois refuses to die in the city. I still think Dubois is destined to wear the Canadian shirt one day.

But before you think about free agents like this (because it is important to sign good free agents at the right price), you need to make sure that the Canadians will have the money to sign their young players within a few years, like Juraj Slafkovsky.

Imagine if CH didn’t provide enough money for Slav…but that’s a fictional scenario because I don’t think John Sedgwick didn’t think of that in his long-term accounts.

In short. All to say the first case to be settled will be Cole Caufield’s.

I don’t know how much money he’ll be asking next year, but if he has a big season, he might be able to break the bank this season and avoid a bridge contract, like Nick Suzuki. After all, CC does not look like a man who wants to leave Montreal.

Remember that it is important for Canadian teams to retain players who want to play in Canada. Despite being an American, Coffield seems to really enjoy the Montreal life, spending part of his season in the city.

The same for Huberdeau in Alberta: Whatever the reason, he wanted to stay.

Grant McCaugh agrees. According to the Canadian’s previous recruitment, it is by paying him essence That a club like the Canadians will succeed in laying the foundations for a team that can win.

This is how clubs like Chicago, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and Tampa Bay have won the Stanley Cup multiple times.

Remember, too, that no team has ever won the cup with a player whose cap has reached at least $10 million. Carrie Price is the only player to reach the final under such conditions.

So, yes, CH will save the salary in a year (Evgeny Dadonov, Jonathan Drouin, Paul Byron, etc.), but let’s not spend it too quickly at the expense of young players in the organization. To sign the UFAs, Kent Hughes will have to shoot more deadwood, therefore.

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Good news for hurricanes.

– Things are brewing at QMJHL.

– Nothing less.

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