The Last of Us doesn’t need a remake, so why should we give it one?

the last of us It is one of my all time favorite games. While I tend to put a title away somewhat forever after completing it, in the case of The Adventures of Joel and Ellie, I’ve revisited it several times over the past decade.

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For me, this is one of the most successful stories I’ve seen in the light of day on PlayStation. A story and characters that stay with you for life and show, beyond any doubt, the great power of video games as a narrative medium.

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In this sense, you will understand that I am the perfect audience to shed a small tear of emotion when announcing remake From We delay. However, Thursday’s unveiling left me more doubtful than anything else. And it made me ask a question that I feel kind of asks everyone on the web right now.

Was that really necessary?

As much as I’m a fan of the original, I guess the game didn’t need to remake. Perhaps a PS4 version optimization to take advantage of the PlayStation 5’s strengths, but a complete visual and mechanical overhaul? I doubt.

The best is the enemy of the good

English speakers say “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”, French speakers say “the best is the enemy of the good”. No matter wisdom or language, let’s face it, nothing is old or a problem the last of us in 2022.

The title looks beautiful and works great on PS5, especially in its remastered version of 2014. Even if the maneuverability is not at the level of the second part of the saga, it is nevertheless quite enough to enjoy the unrivaled story.

In this sense, we are talking in remake from one Play Updated, along with improvements to controls, exploration and combat. Having said that, how transformative would all this be? we play in the last of us for him Play To an extent, yes, but above all for her narrative journey, we stay there.

One can also wonder about the nature of remake.

Personally, Our last part one It would be even more important to me if it brought a new dimension to the Joel and Ellie story or, at least, another perspective. A way to rediscover the classic we love from another angle, a bit like Final Fantasy VII Remake From a few years.

I mean, as long as we open a Pandora’s chest less than ten years after the game’s release, let’s open it up a bit!

However, if we rely on the content remake Shared so far, it looks like it’s just a new chassis and some modifications to the car’s mechanics.

So I ask another question. Why do we sell then Our last part one At full price – a nice $90 – on the PS5?

Reward: The other pebble in the shoe

This obviously raises a few (many) eyebrows. I want to believe Neil Druckman, co-chair of Naughty Dog, when he says everything has been rebuilt from scratch for this. remake. On the other hand, is this tech fix really worth $70 more than the remastered PS4 version, which currently retails for $20?

Quite frankly, at this price, coming from a studio as creative and creative as Naughty Dog, I would have expected us to use this opportunity to re-visit the last of us. Or, at least, we’re selling this renovation at a slightly lower price.

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One thing is for sure, all of these questions only reinforce my initial idea the last of us You do not need to remake. We could very well say we would have liked this to have been thought of differently or less expensive, but we can also…we didn’t!

We pretend to want to give those who own a PS5 the best possible experience. But then, can’t we add some brushstrokes to the PS4 version through the update?

The most pessimistic (or obvious, depending on your view of the matter) will say that this revision idea the last of usIt is above all a desire to fill the coffers by squeezing the lucrative lemons of an established chain of commerce. This may be so. Because we hear that everything is often a matter of money.

But, at the time, weren’t we able to offer a slightly different viewpoint than the one mentioned in the original part? To flesh out certain parts of the story and make it kind of Director’s Cut elongated? We remind you that it is still a ten-year-old game, definitely reviewed on a technical level, but nevertheless it will sell for $90.

Photo courtesy of Naughty Dog

In my humble opinion, the biggest winners from the announcement of this new version are PC gamers. For the latter, who have never had the opportunity to savor the joys (and especially the pains) We delayIt will be a golden opportunity to do so, with a resolutely modern visual design and mechanics.

But for die-hard PlayStation fans like myself who have already accompanied Ellie and Joel through their post-apocalyptic troubles, Thursday’s announcement is a bit bittersweet. It’s always nice to find the characters you like, but how much is that remake Was it necessary for a game aging well?

More importantly, is this type of exercise really worth the $90?

The title might fool me when it comes out. There is no doubt about it Our last part one It will sell like hot cakes given how much PlayStation fans love the franchise.

But for my part, in September, I’m taking the risk of bringing my version of the game out to PS4 for the umpteenth time, and it’s already redesigned enough to suit my tastes.

It’s Joel and Ellie’s journey that really matters, after all.

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