Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge – All Secret Collectibles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge - All Secret Collectibles

There are 34 secret collectibles to find in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge. Newspaper headlines, VHS tapes, memoirs, bugs, crystals, and cameos are cleverly hidden throughout most of the game’s 16 episodes. However, there’s nothing in the auto-scrolling levels.

Each collectible is part of a set. Find all collectibles in a collection, and you can turn them into different NPCs for points if you unlock those characters in the story. All of these points go toward the character level of the character you’re using when you find or bring them back.

  • Byrne (3 titles): 50 points.
  • Irma (5 newspapers): 75 points.
  • Evil Frogs (8 disgusting insects): 100 points.
  • Vernon (5 VHS tapes): 100 points.
  • Dimension X (3 crystals): 200 points.

Besides defeating enemies and completing level challenges, handing them over is a good way to get all characters to level 10 for No Need for Mutagen! Trophy/Achievement. Single play on Chill difficulty level only takes about three hours, and you can fully level out one character and get another character about halfway through. You can follow the character’s progress when starting a new story while resetting all levels and secrets.

Finally, having all the secret collectibles will give you the biggest fan! And trophies/achievements multi-task to find all the inscriptions and fulfill all the special requests.

Episode 1: Breathtaking news!

Burne Cameo: Play the level until all four Foot Clan devices click at the top of the screen. Head right to the next area and destroy the vibration door at the top of the screen.

Classic Heading 1/3: Keep moving right until you reach the TV newsroom with the Foot Clan icon on the back and Weather 6 on the right. Immediately then, in the next area, destroy the square with the foot clan symbol at the top of the screen, to the left of the pizza. It’s the same area as the boss’s room with Bebop, with Krang’s head (and Vernon tied up) at the top of the screen.

Episode 2: The Big Apple, 3 p.m.

Classic address 2/3: In front of the TV area, in front of the sushi shop near the beginning of the stage, above the screen in the trash. If it hits a nearby fire hydrant, it will destroy the enclosure, along with the collectibles on the floor.

Irma Cameo: Go through the area after, bypass the car wash, and smash the door at the top of the screen at the top of the stairs, between the two trash bags hiding the Foot Clan. This is before going down to continue the stage.

Diary 1/5: Keep going down, then right. Go through the rolling door where three feet clan jumped and there’s a pizza, you’ll see a blue mailbox at the top of the screen to the left of the parking lot and a blue car. Destroy the mailbox.

Episode 4: Rumble at the Zoo

Secret Diary 2/5: Go to the beginning of the stage, bypassing the Shredder Statues to where you first encountered the Foot Clan with whips. There will be a seat with a toucan at the top of the screen near a member of the Foot Clan eating ice cream. There is a wastebasket to the right of the seat.

Atilla Cameo: Right after this area, you’ll see two blue mailboxes at the top of the screen. second crush.

Disgusting Insect 1/8: After the first stampede, you’ll encounter Rodkill Rodneys and the sheltered Foot Clans on the way. You will then go through a second battle and reach an area with monkeys throwing bananas. There will be a trash can at the top of the screen near the cages.

Classic Title 3/3: Move two screens to the right (after pulling the rope from Rocksteady), and there will be more Banana Throwing Monkeys, Roadkill Rodney, and a lot more Foot Clan. Destroy the newsstand in the upper right corner.

Episode 5: The Spill King

Secret Diary 3/5: At the beginning of the stage, on the second screen where you first encounter the knife-throwing Pink Foot clan, there will be two newsstands, a recycling bin, and a vending machine. Destroy the newsstands.

Genghis Kameo: After fighting Mauser, you will arrive at a sewer area. Keep going right, past Krang’s head, until you see a vault door at the top of the screen, then bump into it.

Disgusting Insect 2/8: After the next area where steam comes out of the pipes, smash the Foot Clan symbol box in the upper right corner.

Episode 6: Mall of Integration

Diary 4/5: Break the brick wall at the beginning of the level. On the other side, in the vegetable cellar, destroy the trash can at the top near the refrigerator, to the left of the taco restaurant.

VHS tape 1/5: Cross the cafeteria and go up the escalator. During your second encounter with the ninja holding the wand, there will be two farmers and a trash can between them in the middle of the screen. Break out the trash.

Napoleon Cameo: Right after the tape, you’ll see Punk Frogs cardboard cut-outs at the top of the screen. hit this.

Vernon Cameo: Take the second elevator up. After the mechanics, you will enter an arcade. Destroy the popcorn machine at the entrance.

Disgusting insect 3/8: Go to a screen to the right of this popcorn machine to find another on the top right with cotton candy hanging above it, next to a desk with a computer and phone.

Episode 7: Reptiles Run on Roofs!

Diary 5/5: Break the toolbox at the beginning of the stage, above the second screen, before crossing the first wooden bridge spanning the buildings.

VHS tape 2/5: Take the elevator. You’ll see Rocksteady and Bebop with Krang’s robotic body part, then fight the white-clothed Foot Clan with swords. The area immediately following it has a rectangular hole in the middle. Destroy the toolbox at the top.

Disgusting Insect 4/8: Keep advancing to the right, past the lever and you will face the Foot Clan. Next, destroy the little red toolbox next to the big red toolbox at the top of the screen in the next area.

Episode 9: Crisis in Coney Island!

Rasputin’s Veil: When you reach the boardwalk near the start, you’ll quickly see a hot dog stand at the top of the screen. destroy it.

Disgusting Insect 5/8: After confronting the black-clothed Foot Clan with a Sai throw, you’ll go right and down, but first crash the trash near the newsstand in the upper right corner.

Episode 10: Some Loose Bolts

Disgusting bug 6/8: After the motorcycles at the start of the stage, the screen will move to show a blue car and a trash can at the top of the screen, to the right of a cargo truck parked at the top too. Break out the trash. Three ninjas will appear carrying chests after leaving the car.

VHS Tape 3/5: After fighting the three flexible-armed Mauser mechs, you’ll enter a storage warehouse. Go to the top once you’re inside and smash the top square with the red Foot Clan symbol on it.

Episode 11: Dinosaur Rush!

VHS tape 4/5: You’ll come to a memorial room at the beginning of the level with a giant moon skull and weapons on the wall. This is where the first stampede happens. Break the newsstand at the top of the screen, to the right of the skull.

Disgusting Insect 7/8: Soon, you will enter a storage room with dinosaur skeletons and other artifacts. Go up, then to the right, and you’ll see an iron maiden at the top of the screen, with a destructible object near it with this inside.

Crystal Shard 1/3: Turn right, and some ninjas will come out of the box. Defeat the enemies and get down. Destroy the Foot Clan token box on the right wall of that box.

Dusk inscription: Go from there and two triceratons will come out of the plates. Defeat the enemies and go in the right direction. He destroyed the Foot Clan Chest at the top of the screen near the pink tent right after that.

Episode 12

Disgusting insect 8/8: In the end, you will pass through a laboratory area with a control station and two rooms on either side. Right after that there will be an area with 9 “towers” coming out of the ground and freezing you. Break the Foot Clan square at the bottom of the screen here.

Episode 13: Technodrome Redux

VHS Tape 5/5: Shortly after starting a level, you’ll arrive at an area with a movable tower on a pole and two mechanics parked in the wall at the top of the screen. Destroy the Foot Clan Chest at the top of the screen behind the tower.

Kala Cameo: After the above, you will quickly come across a room with a rocket engine and a drill head at the top of the screen. Crush the capsule to the right of this.

Crystal Shard 2/3: Fight General Traag in the elevator, then continue through the areas with electricity. You will then have to jump into a gap. Do this and destroy the Foot Clan chest on top of the screen on the other side.

Episode 14: Lost Enemies

Zack Cameo: Eventually you’ll enter a volcanic region. After a few screens, you’ll see a golden slicing bust on a rocky outcrop at the top of the screen. Hit the plant on the right, before the towers come out of the ground.

Episode 15: Strangeoids from the Outer World

Crystal Shard 3/3: After the area where the Spike floors are, you will come to an area with chests and several explosive barrels on a rocky ledge. Break the Foot Clan Chest at the bottom of the screen here.

There you have it: all the collectibles and secrets of TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge. For more information, check out How to Unlock Casey Jones or check out our review of Dotemu’s physical bravery.

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