Guhle, Xhekaj, Mysak, Simoneau and Trudeau come close to the Memorial Cup

It’s not just NHL hockey that rocks the playoffs and eliminations right now. The three circles Carpentry Canadians are also in playoffs Currently.

Monday Conference Finals Opened last night in s. Patrick Roy Warmparts had the upper hand on cataracts (3 to 2) in front of just over 8,000 people at the Videotron Center. The appeal to Patrick Roy’s supporters has been partially heard.

It’s a goal scored by Vsevolod Komarov with less than a minute left. Third Which sealed the outcome of the meeting. Has the goalkeeper frozen the disc before? We decided not.

In Charlottetown, the islanders made short work for the Sherbrooke Phoenix: 7 to 2.

Joshua Roy helped in the loss. Meanwhile, Xavier Simono, chosen in the sixth round of the CH Championship in 2021, scored four points in the win. Will there be Quebecers who will represent the rocket next year?

Also note the mention of help from William Trudeau Ben Carrots.

The islanders have not lost a match since the start of the qualifiers. Will they eliminate Joshua Roy and Phoenix? If so, will they sweep it up in three little games? Note that the QMJHL Final will (finally) be played in the traditional format of four out of seven.

The Bite of the Arber Xhekaj and The Bulldogs

In Ontario, the conference finals are in full swing. Yesterday, Jean Misak, Arber Chicage and the Bulldog beat Joe Verbetik and the Battalion at North Bay (6-4). Mysak had the assist and Xhekaj had five shots on target (and a difference of plus 2). I can’t wait to see him at Laval next season so…maybe in the NHL?

The Bulldogs are leading the series 3-0 this morning and could sweep the battalion tomorrow in North Bay. On the other hand, Flint Firebirds are playing 2 vs 1 against the Windsor Spitfires.

Kaiden Guhle on her way to the WHL Final

In the West, Kaiden Guhle and the oil kings continue demolition work.

The Oil Kings have won their first two series in four games (4-0) and top their current series against the Winnipeg Ice 3-1. Yesterday they beat the ice 4-2. Kayden Gaul didn’t collect any points, but he finished his run. Night action with six shots on goal. It was almost perfect in its area. Will he have to go through Laval or will he go straight to the big league next season?

Note that the Oil Kings play their home games at Rogers Place, Oilers Square. The fans Edmonton area hockey is served these days.

The Oil Kings will have the opportunity to de-ice tomorrow in Edmonton. If match #6 wow #7 There is a need, they both will play in Winnipeg.

Remember that the winner of each of the three tournaments will face off in St. John (along with Sea Dogs, currently on vacation) as part of the Memorial Cup (June 20-29). Will the aspirants participate in CH? Most likely… but who?

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