CMJ: Joshua Roy and Riley Kidney will almost certainly be back this winter

There are only a few days left before the start of the WJC 2022 resume, which will begin on August 9. Even if there are not many high hopes, especially due to the imminent opening of camps in the NHL, there will still be a good lineup of young players.

For CH fans, there will be five hopes for the team: Juraj Slavkowski, Kayden Gaul, Philip MisarJoshua Roy, Riley Kidney, Jean Misack, Oliver Cabanen and Petteri Nurmi.

The first two will obviously get more attention because they will represent the Canadian team, but also because they are among the team’s most promising prospects.

Having said that, it is now debatable whether they will make a surplus forward, but the good news is that given the longer term, you can suspect that, unless surprisingly, both are almost guaranteed to return to the WJC this winter.

In doing so, they will become the first two prospects in Canadian history to play for the European Court of Justice in back-to-back football fields. Even more impressive: Both were drafted into the top 60 in 2021, so they weren’t “predestined” to dominate at the entry level.

They will obviously have to stay healthy by the holiday season, but unless they see a sharp reduction in diet, they may be able to retain their place on the team within a few months.

Remember that the two guys crossed the 100-point mark in QMJHL last year and that, barring a big surprise, they will return to Courteau in 2022-23. With a year on, the two still have to have a big campaign.

Kidney and Roy also answered some questions from TSN.

In Kidney’s case, he said it was a dream for him to be in the tournament. He is pleased to know that the ECJ directors loved his game, which describes himself as a “traditional centre”.

Additionally, Kidney adds that, at CH’s request, he is trying to gain some weight this summer. His schedule is very busy, so he doesn’t have much time to do that, but he noted that he’s weighed more than eight pounds since the start of summer. navel? Good cooking his mother.

As for Roy, he also admits that he is happy to be part of the team, he feels he did well in the team camp last winter (where he was one of the last players to be cut). Roy also mentions that the Canadian asked him to try to have a more “professional” style of play, that is, more solid at 200 feet.

So the two try to follow the Hab’s advice to the letter.

In short, we will see if the two youngsters will be able to shine with the European Court of Justice this summer. Otherwise, they may have the opportunity to do so again next winter.

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