Warriors don’t want to revive 2016

RDS2 and RDS Direct will showcase Game 6 of the NBA Finals on Thursday starting at 9 p.m.

If they win Thursday in Boston, the Stephen Curry Warriors will rekindle their golden dynasty with their fourth NBA title in six Finals, but the resilient Celtics, trailing 3-2 and back to the wall, won’t let it go. in front of their fiery supporters.

Steve Kerr’s players won 104-94 on Monday, despite a huge air gap from Curry who, for the first time in 133 playoffs, hadn’t made a single three-pointer basket, 72 hours into his main class in C where he had planted a seven (43 piasters).

His teammates, such as Andrew Wiggins (26 points), a shining man from the shadows, took the helm, honoring the team’s motto, “Strength in Numbers,” during its first winning campaign in 2015.

Boston, for the first time in this series, suffered a second loss in a row, after leading 2-1.

“It will be very difficult.”

But the team led by Ime Udoka proved that they knew how to reverse this kind of hacked situation, in the semi-finals and finals of the Eastern Conference, at the expense of the bucks from Giannis Antetokounmue and Hit Jimmy Butler, who were defeated during Matches 6 and 7.

Which logically inspires distrust of the Warriors, who remember having had their worst adventure so far in 2016. They advanced 3-1 in the final against Cleveland, before the Cavaliers, led by LeBron James, won the next three games.

“We’ve been there before, yeah…at the time, we were getting impatient. So even if we were on a positive we haven’t gotten anything done yet. The mission is always the same, to win four games,” recalls Klay Thompson.

“We have two chances to win the championship, but we know it’s going to be very difficult. That’s why nobody celebrates in the locker room,” his coach Steve Kerr said on Monday.

On the Celtics side, “a little disappointment prevailed” after losing this fifth game, due to a lot of fouls and clumsiness in attack and also due to a lack of gas in the last quarter. But not depression.

“The message is to keep the confidence, go home, rest and be ready to come back here. The key is regularity and consistency in the effort,” said coach Aimee Odoka.

And Jaylen Brown has the strong words: “You have to keep the faith, it has to be as high as possible. We have to play as one. All season it’s been a bit like us against the rest of the world. I don’t see a difference now. I’m looking forward to this sixth game. A matter of survival. We have to approach it with this mentality and play Celtics basketball.”

There is no doubt that Boston fans, who dream of a record 18 title and win a decibel game in this series, will push hard behind their team.

A hostile environment, inside TD Garden, would require Warriors to hunt for a seventh title in total (the first two titles were taken with Philadelphia in 1947 and 1956, and the third with Golden State in 1975), “to try to contain our emotions,” Curry noted.

“It doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to play the best match of the year, in terms of intensity and focus,” added the sniper, determined to find the target behind the arc.

“After a 3-0/9 index like that, Stephen will be very upset in the next match. That’s all we need,” his teammate Draymond Green congratulates in advance.

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