“I’m going to be tough on this team from the start” – Tortorella

Philadelphia – John Tortorella may be the only coach in the NHL who has his own set of highlights.

There are censored versions of his loud statements. Uncensored versions too. He is angry with journalists or his players. There is a six minute video of “John Tortorella’s Angry Moments” that you can click on after watching 10 minutes of his funniest moments.

The Philadelphia Flyers are guaranteed entry next season with very little chance of winning the Stanley Cup. Why do you watch them? Because with Tortorella as head coach, the pilots won’t be boring.

Tortorella is more than just a sound clipping machine: he knows how to take rebuilding teams and turn them into winners. Flyers, as it is currently built, are not ready to win.

The person nicknamed “Torts” promises that it will happen soon.

“I’m going to be tough with this team from the start,” Tortorella said on Friday. It’s going to be a tough camp, with a great volume of snowboarding. During the summer they will be told how to deal with this. »

Tortorella, who will celebrate his 64th birthday next week, has emerged as the Flyers’ new head coach after the team interviewed eight candidates.

General Manager Chuck Fletcher wanted to have a “respected and experienced head coach” with a “track record of success”. He agreed for four years with Tortorella. The Flyers have not reached the Stanley Cup Final since 2010 and haven’t lifted the almighty trophy since winning back-to-back victories in 1974 and 1975.

“It doesn’t take long for the players to understand me,” Tortorella said.

He is known for his demanding temperament and style. Over the years, Tortorella has had rivalries with his share of guys. He said he toned down his technique and got rid of old-school tactics from the NHL. But the changes only come at a certain point.

“I want the team to play hard,” he said. I think we need to move forward and be tougher in the confrontation. Once we got off the bus. Once we entered the arena. I want other teams to think they’ll have their hands tonight. »

The Columbus Bluejackets have only played in the knockout stages twice in their 15-year history when Tortorella took over. They went through the playoffs for the next four seasons.

Tortorella also reached the Eastern Conference Finals with the New York Rangers in 2012 and made the playoffs two more seasons before being replaced by Alan Vinault in 2013.

Before it became a modern breed, the Tampa Bay Lightning team made the playoffs only once in its first 10 seasons. Tortorella was appointed head coach in 2001 and led the team to the Eastern Semifinals in 2003 before winning the Stanley Cup with Lightning in 2004.

Tortorella, who worked for ESPN last season, dismissed criticism that his technique could quickly weaken teams. He went 673-541-37-132 in nearly 20 seasons.

“I kind of put it in a box,” he said. I’m a tough coach, but I’ll always be fair to these guys and they’ll have complete honesty from me. »

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