Tacacs+ platform in cloud mode in Portnox

Tacacs+ platform in cloud mode in Portnox

06/22/2022, by John P. Mello Jr, IDG NS (adapted by Jean Elyan), Networks, 590 words

Portnox’s Tacacs+ as a Service solution aims to make authentication, authorization, and network accounting technology more attractive to medium-sized businesses.

Most companies know that IT personnel who manage networks need to implement additional measures to manage access. But one of the best access management solutions – Terminal Access Controller Access Control Server (Tacacs) can be complex and expensive. That’s what prompted Portnox to offer its Tacacs+ solution in the cloud, which it says is easy to set up and use, and an affordable price for mid-sized businesses. Tacacs is a standard protocol. It’s been around for a long time, but no one has a cloud-based solution, explains Denny LeCompte, CEO of Portnox. Many IT departments like to use Tacas+ but they don’t, because it is too complicated. That’s why we created a cloud-based version, he added. With this offer, even companies with IT teams limited to two or three people can reap the benefits of Tacas+ without having to spend $50-100,000 on a complete Network Access Control (NAC) product with technology, Mr. LeCompte once again explains .

Tacacs Service Offers

Portnox’s Tacacs + SaaS solution provides authentication, authorization, and accounting services for network equipment, among other things.

User authentication of network devices via Open LDAP and integration with Azure Active Directory, Google Workspace, Microsoft Active Directory and Okta.

Enforce policies for accessing network devices and configuration changes for privilege levels, authorized services, automatic commands, custom attributes, etc.

Automated audit trails of user activity and attributes on network devices, including user identities, start and end times, commands executed, and packet transfers.

Track network changes

The audit function can be especially valuable for large IT teams. For example, imagine a team of five engineers. One of them is changing. Mr. LeCompte explained that they were wrong and suddenly a whole part of the network connection was lost. How do you know what happened? Without a Tacacs+ solution, you’ll have to manually redo the trip in the opposite direction. With Tacacs+, an individual can check logs and see who made the last change and what changes they made.

Without Tacacs+, administrators often issue public credentials to users and trust them to report any changes they make on the network, LeCompte continued. In a way, he added, it’s pretty terrifying. It’s possible that nothing will go wrong, but even the best computer scientists make mistakes. It only takes one wrong parameter to drop an entire section of its network. Tacacs+ also resolves security issues related to employee turnover. Mr. LeCompte explained that we are connecting to our Active Directory product. Thus, if an IT employee leaves and their AD account is deactivated, they lose all access, because all their access goes through our Tacacs+ service. To encourage Tacacs+ adoption, Portnox offers a free level of service for a single administrator and up to 100 network devices, such as wireless access points and wired switches.

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