Injury: Carrie Price met up with a (second) specialist in Pittsburgh after the season

Will Carrie Price play or not next year? This is the thousand dollar question.

Obviously, while Kent Hughes spoke to the Montreal press, many topics were discussed, including that of Price. Does Cerberus have a clearer case in the eyes of the administration?

Now the answer is no.

What we also know, as mentioned by Kent Hughes, is that the goalkeeper met with a specialist in Pittsburgh once the season was over. He hasn’t seen one since.

What that means is that Price saw a specialist in New York towards the end of the season before going to see a specialist in Pittsburgh when the season ended. We don’t know what happened.

But what we do know is that Kent Hughes would like to have clarification by July 13, which is the date the self-rule market will open. However, if he didn’t have anything at that time, he would get some later.

How her knee will respond to treatment will be a factor in the decision.

Kent Hughes is no fool. He knows that even if Price does start the season (or doesn’t, but has considered making a comeback), there is uncertainty. The only scenario in which we know what will happen is if price doesn’t play at all.

The same goes for his management of the long-term casualty list and the $10.5 million he can make from it. We agree that the Canadian should be really keen on exchanging (contracting) Shea Weber, right?

What I tell myself in all of this is that the Canadian is waiting to see how the goalkeeper reacts to the treatments before making a decision. But the problem, as we know, is that we won’t know if Price can play unless we see him play.

This will not happen this summer.

Price, who was going to suggest another operation and who brought up that possibility himself at the end of the season, would he be turned on? After all, if treatments don’t work, this may be an option.

The last time Price saw a doctor was several weeks ago. His conclusions, the Canadian heard it and the goalkeeper won’t be able to test his knee in the event of a match (by putting weight on it like during a match) until next season. What may change in the coming weeks is whether he responds well or poorly to treatment.

Does retirement smell like default? maybe.

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