Justin Barron “has all the tools to become a great NHL player”

The succession of the Montreal Canadiens on the Blue Line is interesting. Jordan Harris, Kayden Gaul (who has just been named WHL playoff MVP) and Justin Barron often appear when discussing the team’s future as a defensive man.

The latter, obtained from the avalanche in Artturi Lehkonen’s trade, has won much praise since leaving Colorado from members of his former organization. Even Sidney Crosby thought the avalanche had mistook her for Barron’s breakup!

And yesterday, on the waves of 91.9 Sports’ broadcasts, it was Jerome Mesonero’s turn to praise the kid.

Quebec has been an amateur scout in Colorado for eight years now having held a few jobs at QMJHL and only had good words for Barron.

In his opinion, the defender “has all the tools to become an excellent NHL player”, and that he was not worried about the youngster’s future. This isn’t the first to repeat this type of comment, let’s put it this way.

Good comments are pouring in all over Justin Barron and that’s what makes Hope so intriguing. However, he will have to prove himself in the team’s next training camp after playing his first matches in a confinement uniform in 2021-2022.

We can expect him to start next season in Montreal, but we shouldn’t necessarily believe that he will be excellent from the start. Barron is very young (he will celebrate his 21st birthday on November 15) and will be taking advantage of the upcoming season to perfect his game.

That’s Martin St. Louis’ plan, anyway. The upcoming campaign is not to win the Stanley Cup, but to supervise and support the team’s youth in their own development.

Having said that, let’s see what Justin Barron can do before we get it right. If we trust the comments of the many people who surrounded him in Colorado, he would probably become an excellent hockey player.

Many of

Chicago qualified for the Calder Cup Final.

– Will he play?

– I’d like McKinnon’s avalanche to win.

– That’s the question today in New York.

– Well done.

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