Show: Juraj Slafkovsky opposite Shane Wright at 24 years old according to Cory Bronman

As long as Kent Hughes and the rest of his squad have not announced the name of the player the Montreal Canadiens will draft into first place on July 7, debate will continue over who will be chosen by CH.

If we go back to last year, when the Canadian was still playing in the famous Northern League, no one at the time saw a player other than Shane Wright likely to come out first in the 2022 draft.

Wright was seen and described as an exceptional player who truly exceeded other expectations in this draft. Some have even gone so far as to say that Wright has the potential to become one of the best players in the National Hockey League.

However, a year later, after Wright had a good but generally disappointing season, the consensus is far from the same.

New names have joined the game, but Juraj Slafkovsky is the most popular name to pop up.

Analysts and pundits can’t agree on who would be the better player in this old-fashioned match between Wright and Slavkowski (not to mention Logan Cooley).

So the debate is very present these days on social networks, and most of the proponents of confinement are only talking about it.

Who will be drafted by Montreal Canadiens and would it be the right choice?

Well, according to draft sports expert Cory Bronman, at 24, Juraj Slafkovsky will have better offensive production than Shane Wright.

Bronman’s predictions expect Slafkovsky to become a dominant NHL winger capable of scoring around 35 goals, and sees Wright as a center stack around 65 points.

These are the exact words.

Bronman explains: “This is the crux of the debate between Wright and Slavkovsky. I see Slavkowski as a potential scorer 35-40 with 70-80 points on the wing. I see Wright providing a 60-70 point production in the center. Which player has the highest value? – Corey Bronman

Judging by Bronman’s words, one is inclined to think that Slavkovsky is the obvious choice.

However, Bronman’s analysis makes no mention of the players’ defensive side, or even anything other than just production.

This is to be expected given that predicting the total contribution of players roughly six years from now is almost impossible.

In short, in my opinion, the choice would still be very difficult for Kent Hughes and his team between now and the draft, even if, in my opinion, Wright was the “safe” and most logical choice.

Note that Bronman also put Wright in fourth place if he was in the same draft as Jack Hughes, Alexis Lavrenier and Owen Power.

Arranged by: Jack Hughes, Alexis Lavrinier, Owen Bauer and Shane Wright.

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