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The piano, the safe, the marble table…we forget how bulky and heavy some of the things that are part of our daily lives are. Until we have to move: then they become a real nightmare!

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Karen Duplessis Beshi

Karen Duplessis Beshi
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These “XXL” things give you a hard time during the moving season, and best of all, they’re pricey to take with you.

Pierre Olivier Sir knows something about it. Touching stories, he has hundreds to tell. The young man has been running the family business of the Montreal Clan Panettone since 2015. From his first steps in the profession, at the age of 16, he quickly encountered unusual things.

His biggest challenge? Safes, which are very common on the island of Montreal. “It sometimes weighs up to 1,200 pounds,” he says. This means that sometimes we have to tear down walls to get them out or move them with a crane. »

Michel Jacques, owner of the Déménagement DMAX Express, in Saint-Jerome, often rubs his shoulders with another juggernaut: the piano. The tool can be found at a good price on classified ad sites, and some are even giving it away. According to Mr. Jack, this is no coincidence: pianos are sometimes so heavy, so difficult to move that he often advises his clients to throw them away rather than move them.

Photo by David Boyle, LA PRESSE

Moving a piano has many limitations.

“When people realize the price involved, and the risks to the safety of the house and the safety of the men, I tell them that if they are not attached to it, they better take the chainsaw and cut it,” says Mr. Jack. It costs less and avoids a lot of problems. »

Photo by David Boyle, LA PRESSE

Stairs, still not very reassuring …

Marble furniture, like the table, is often paid for at a high price, also has great sentimental value. However, when it comes time to bring them to a new home, it is not uncommon for clients to experience a nasty surprise. Marble is not only heavy, but dries and cracks over time. Then it becomes impossible to move the object.

Heavy Duty Refrigerators

The new devices are more beautiful, elegant and functional, but not lighter. exactly the contrary. Movers often find that, once on site, the kitchen is equipped with a full-size refrigerator (such as the one on Sub-Zero). These new appliances, such as gas stoves, are so heavy that often additional staff will have to be called in.

Modern things like barbecues or smoking houses are appallingly heavy. It can reach 500 pounds.

Michel Jacques, from Déménagement DMAX Express

Newer TVs pose the opposite problem. It’s much lighter than old CRT monitors, but it’s so thin and so wide that movers don’t always dare put it in their truck for fear of damaging it.

well prepared

Moving companies notice that customers forget or hide non-standard furniture during quotations in the hope of reducing costs. However, these bulky things often require a second truck. And when employees have to be called up at the last minute, customers sometimes find themselves paying the equivalent of two moves.

Photograph by Martin Chamberland, LA PRESSE Archives

Moving the spa also has its share of challenges.

Bringing your own spa falls into this category.

Pierre-Olivier Sayer, of Clan Panettone explains: “You usually take a second truck. You have to put it on its side and take several precautions. People don’t realize that even if you are very careful, you often tear down the entire yard when you take it out.”

When moving, the plastic in the spa tends to crack, and the internal tubes of the device are loosened. That is why the specialist strongly recommends that you contact a professional before restarting the device.

Same advice for a pool table. Its movement always requires the services of a professional so that the plates remain intact.

Because even if things are well packed, bad road conditions cause the truck to move a lot, exposing the things in it to break.

Illustration by Julian Chung, La Presse

We don’t move on a flying carpet! The streets of Montreal are our staunch enemies.

Pierre-Olivier Sir, of the Banneton clan

Vibrations are harmful to a lot of cheap furniture. It only takes a few crates and stacked pits for the table to fall apart in transit. Movers word.


Collectibles are often a nuisance to carriers. Whether it was the rare bottles of wine that had to be kept in a horizontal position from beginning to end of the journey, or the room full of vinyl cylinders whose sleeves had to be laid in the same order once at their destination, movers saw all the colors.

Pierre Serre, the former head of the Panettone clan, was himself the owner of an unusual object: a cigar chamber. The lot was huge and heavy, but the business manager refused to use a crane to bring it to his new home. Moving this extraordinary being was a true obstacle course.

“It took me eight hours to reach 18e Floor with 5 cm clearance at the fire outlet, says his son Pierre-Olivier Ser. All staff remember this. »

The cigar room arrived on the top floor of the building without a scratch, but this is not always the case. To avoid unpleasant surprises, carriers advise taking dozens of photos of non-standard items before D-Day and notifying your insurance carriers.

But above all, they all recommend not waiting until the last minute to tell your mover that the sectional sofa in the living room is actually the size of a movie theater!

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