Stephen Curry, Finals Power MVP

BOSTON, USA – With great players at the big meetings and because the situation also forced him to do so, the Warriors couldn’t let the Celtics get away, Stephen Curry delivered his best performance in Friday’s NBA Finals game in Boston.

Despite three championship rings on his fingers (2015, 2017, 2018), Curry was never selected as the MVP in these finals. Not that he missed out, repeatedly winning high-flying matches, but Andre Iguodala, and then Kevin Durant the next two times, more decisive and consistent.

So much so that naming the player is unable to raise his level in the most important matches that stuck to the skin of the captain but he was crowned with two cups for the player with distinction in the regular season, in 2015 and 2016.

Nobody knows if a fourth title awaits him in his sixth final in eight years, because despite restoring the par (2-2), Boston, not as comfortable as they were outside, could well win again on Monday at Golden State, until then the last word. But Curry is on a mission and has proven himself as the strongest player in the series right now.

The only player named MVP in the Final, while on the losing side, is Jerry West, with the Lakers in 1969. There is no doubt that the Warrior would prefer not to join this isolated cause…

stratospheric level

They obviously don’t say everything, but the numbers attest to what stratospheric level it is currently at.

Before facing Boston, Curry was averaging 26.5 points per game in the Finals, 39% on a 3-point shooting. After four games, he averaged 34.3 points, 49.1% from long range.

43 points (at 14/26 including 7/14 behind the arc) put off Friday’s TD Garden volcano, especially in the third quarter, its “momentum,” lining up 14 points, making 4 three-point baskets over 5. And in the quarter The latter, usually in the Celtics team, was able to find a second wind to complete the quest with ten more pawns.

Enough for the reaction of LeBron James, a contender in his first four Finals, on Twitter: “The chef is so angry!!!”.

For the history books, Curry’s performance comes right behind that of “The King”, as at 34 years and 88 days he became the second oldest player to score at least 40 points and 10 rebounds in the final. “LBJ” was 35 years and 284 days old when he did the same in 2020 with the Lakers against Miami, eventually crowning as a reward.

on top physically

We carried on his back. He won’t let us lose. It comes down to this in the end. “He showed why he’s one of the best players ever to play basketball,” said teammate Draymond Green. Klay Thompson on ‘Splash Brother’ believes Curry just gave the ‘best performance’ of his career in the final, moreover ‘in a match where a win was necessary’.

All this, 48 ​​hours later, he injured his left foot, and it was ultimately not serious, an incident that nonetheless generated uncertainty as to whether he would ever have his full potential.

“What he did is just amazing. Boston has the best defense in the league. And for Steve, supporting that pressure throughout the game shows he’s never been this strong before,” coach Steve Kerr confirmed.

That shimmering form impresses even more as Curry appeared to be holding back, since becoming the all-time three-point scorer. Christmas was approaching and the achievement caused some relaxation, as he finished the season averaging 38% in this exercise, the lowest in his career.

Perhaps he felt that the best was yet to come and that he had to keep some in his mind…

When asked about his “excellent lessons”, Curry didn’t want to expand: “I don’t rank my performance, I just want to win.”

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