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Montreal – An Alouettes player sets up his trailer at Camp Alouette and transports it, at the end of the summer, to the Alouettes Player Arena.

A story like this cannot be invented. She was made possible by the Luc Brodeur-Jourdain family, a clan whose hospitality is matched only by the big heart.

Over the years, although based in his home region, in Saint-Damase, 55 kilometers from the Olympic Stadium, Brodeur-Jourdain has hosted a few of his teammates in his home. But let’s start the story of these beautiful adventures with the most wonderful, Landon Rice’s story.

Towards the end of the interview, Brodeur-Jourdain recalls the dismissal of this Canadian Football League veteran who chose to live in a trailer during football seasons in order to, of course, save money.

“He travels all over Canada with his trailer, but, unfortunately, our season ends later than the camping season, so he had to leave his grounds,” LBJ recalls.

“Luke,” said Rice, “do you mind if I come over to your house?”
No problem, my friend, hasten to answer Browdor Jordan.

This is how Rice, the lovable giant, spent the rest of the year in his teammate’s backyard, the two men commuting in cars every day training and playing.

“We are all trying to do what we can,” explained humbly the man who is now the team’s offensive line coach and thus Rice.

This gesture of engagement was taken to another level as Rice became a builder during rare breaks. It happens that Brodeur-Jourdain is expanding his house and that Rice has skills in this area because it is his second job.

Brodeur-Jourdain adds, in passing, that Quebecer Éric Maranda also settled in a camp when he signed a contract with the Toronto Argonauts.

No need to burn money

For Brodeur-Jourdain, his wife, and their two children, there was nothing special about welcoming Price and her trailer. To tell the truth, they used to have guests live in their house or… in their garage.

It all began, with stubborn logic, almost 10 years ago with Pascal Bailargon.

“In terms of salaries, we are in a different reality than the NFL. When you exile yourself from your home to play the season, you have to pay for a second place to live with the same services you are already paying for in your main residence,” LBJ explained.

“Yes, we have fun, we want to play football and live extraordinary life experiences, but we live that way and we don’t necessarily want to get into the topic of having to wait for your next paycheck. You have to put yourself aside a little bit and pay off student debt as fast as you can, buy a house and start living Because you know that a career doesn’t necessarily last long,” vision.

Then it was Jeff Perrett’s turn to accept the LBJ offer. Perrett had just sold his house in Montreal and his wife had moved back to New York, so he moved into an apartment that was very expensive.

“It was absolutely crazy, a few thousand dollars a month. I told him he didn’t need it and it was the equivalent of burning hard-earned money,” Broder Jordan said.

Beret could hardly contradict his good friend, so he took the road to Saint-Damasce in turn.

“Jeff, he’s a big guy, but he lived on my mezzanine, we put a mattress on the floor. It wasn’t necessarily clear to him because the only language he spoke was English. On the outskirts of Saint-Hyacinthe, the English side wasn’t very present so it was It’s hard for him to do all the little errands like going to the store,” Brodeur-Jourdain said.

Third on the list was Ryan Bombin. The two companions met on the level of their personal reality.

“He was building his house in the corner of Hamilton and was doing the refinancing. God knows how I know the stress this could put on family life. Since we already had our three kids, all the rooms were used up. Picked the second from my garage! We had an AC installed and lived on. Here it even traded with Toronto. Welcome to the reality of the Canadian Football League ladies and gentlemen,” LBJ said with a laugh.

Each “roommate” represents a different experience. If Beret was more shy and less inclined to serve dishes, then it was the opposite for Baylargon.

“It was fun because he stubbornly spent his time with my wife, so I don’t have to do that anymore,” LBJ said with a chuckle. The two did it with a pretty smile, but I let them go. »

As for Bombin, he was much appreciated by his smiling and joker side.

“What I was saying to the guys, the most important thing is that I want to involve you in family life. The point is not to take refuge in your room. We prepared dinner as a family and, in the end, separated the grocery bill from the gas,” said Rog-A-Hur previously at Laval University.

For it must be said, Brodeur-Jourdain did not ask his colleagues to rent. They didn’t even have to pay the cable and other monthly fees.

“If we had the opportunity to put more aside, so much the better. So for those who wanted to hit the road, morning and evening, they were greeted at Saint-Damase,” concluded the man of the heart, recalling that Nicolas Boulay, a former member of the Alouettes, made His apartment is available to players during the season despite his retirement.

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