“Often, I had to force myself to go see Wright’s play”

Buffalo – With just over a month left, scouts have been polled to determine if Shane Wright has dispelled doubts about him this season. “A lot of times, I had to force myself to go see him play,” said one scout. “I cannot guarantee anything for the selection of the Canadian, but it is impossible for him to be of the quality of Martin Lapointe,” added one of his colleagues.

It is useless to beat the bush. Before revealing their different points of view, let us reveal at once that among the four Scouts who were consulted, without knowing their order when contacted, there is one who has decided that Logan Cooley is the most deserving of the first rank.

So the exercise consisted in putting four recruits, interviewed separately, in the shoes of the Montreal Canadiens leaders.

Hearing them contemplate and analyze the possibilities is reminiscent of a scene during the second break of a Wright match in late February. While we were having a quick chat with an influential scout about Wright’s lack of fun and whether he would pick him up first, he added with a smirk, “You see, it’s not that easy, our job!”

“I love everything about Canadians”

Because yes, Wright is a great hockey player. An additional center increases its value given the scarcity of this vital resource.

“He’s an excellent player, there’s no doubt about that. But every time I see him play, I’ve come out of the ring thinking I wish I had seen more. to cut from his side. He explained the first recruit who had been consulted in the past few days in particular in order to obtain this rank.

At the end of the line, another recruit confirms this remark.

“The potential is there with what Wright has accomplished in the past. He is the man with the highest potential to play a big role in your coaching (if he develops to the limit). But his game, this year, was not up to par,” this employee fired at an eastern club.

This source was quick to explain to us that he would not be afraid to pick Slovak winger Juraj Slavkovsky instead in the front row. From his point of view, the imposing left-handed is not a very daring venture or venture.

“I think Slafkovsky can assure you that, with what he does, he will be an impactful player for many years to come. He just played against a whole bunch of NHL players (in the World Championship) and was really stronger than them. Once he gets the disc and gets his ass out, no one can to take it from him,” he said.

“Yes, players are great in the NHL, but the strongest players at 18, he’s still going to be stronger than the rest. But if you want a quarterback, he’s not your man,” this second scout agreed.

The third scout gets carried away even more when he talks about Cooley, this third in the top three he talks about a lot less. But we must definitely be careful because Cooley is developing in the middle and he is impressed with his attacking qualities and personality.

“If you start dissecting his game, sometimes you will rip your hair out of your head. But other times he has the dynamism to have everyone rip his jacket off, the fans will flip it over,” said the person discovering the similarity to Trevor Zegras’ fantasy in Cooley.

“But Wright is a very good hockey player and I think he will be more stable in his progression, which promises to be a uniform. In my opinion, he will reach maturity faster than the others,” continued the third speaker.

That’s why he wanted to push the thinking even further.

“You’ll find me funny, but if I’m CH, I’ll make a decision that’s more inclusive than just hockey. When you have the first option, there’s all the aspects around it too. It comes with tremendous pressure. You have to know what kind of player and player you want to fill in that role. It will dictate to some extent your club’s DNA,” he said.

In terms of hockey, he would be more attracted to Cooley. Logan Cooley

“Cooley has had a huge impact on me. For Wright, I often force myself to go see him. However, when we do hire, we’re on the job, but we have an amateur hockey team and I’m excited to see the top five players. When I got out of Cooley, I was like , “Wow, that’s something!”

In an effort to respond correctly to our scenario, the first surveyed recruit in the Habs General Staff thinks and comes up with this hypothesis.

“I can’t guarantee anything (for CH’s choice). But Martin Lapointe, Wright’s impossible to be his type, impossible … Martin Lapointe, after seeing Wright, leaving the arena, excited and saying ‘Aiwi how good she is! playing with to cut And he has a personality. »

On the other hand, some rumors suggest that Nick Bobrov wields more influence than La Pointe even if the two don the hat of a co-director to recruit.

There are no bad choices in these top three, but nothing exceptional

Through our discussions, we wanted to understand to what extent the position of the center will influence the selection of the Canadian. Even if the need to support Nick Suzuki is well known, recruiters will still be betting on the best player.

However, the HC could feel pressure to enlist Wright, an Ontario athlete, because he has mastered North American style.

“Except there were others, Europeans, who had success without having played a game in North America. But you obviously don’t want to go wrong when you’re fishing at the top. Conversely, if Slavkowski had played in London this year he would have scored 60 goals. And everyone will talk about it.The first recruit explained that it is always difficult to find a comparison.

“For Cowley, he’s a goddamn hockey player. He wants to produce, never gives up and has a natural offensive instinct. He’s five feet 10 feet tall, but he’s a real hockey player. In short, they’ll have a good discussion, that’s for sure.”

The second recruit does not know the specifics of this discussion within the CH, but he would like supporters to remember it privately.

“There may be one with more potential, but all three are a good choice for the Canadian. I don’t think there is an exceptional player in this trio either. And that’s fine, it doesn’t happen every year. I don’t think the Canadian will build his team around that choice,” he recalls sweetly.

“I’m sure a lot of teams don’t rank Wright first. Proponents mostly line up on that side because it’s the story, the thing that makes sense. Canadian Conor McDavid wouldn’t pass by not picking Wright,” this recruiter photographed.

The fourth recruit joined reasoned along the same lines.

“Yes, Wright’s production has been good this season, but it has never been great. You know the performance you tell yourself ‘He’s really a first choice.’ At the same time, there’s no other player you can tell, they all have question marks. Source description: He’s been through Really, no matter who you formulate first, it’s not true first choice.”

If Canadians choose Wright, this poll raises an interesting possibility.

Will he set fire to next season? Transformation And to be a great competitor? This is possible. Many people also find his coach (along with Kingston) not exceptional. If there is a change, will we see another version of Wright and this year’s questions disappear? Let’s say it was run by Martin St. Louis next season, the picture could be very different, but nobody knows that,”

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