Francos employees complain about having to use English at work

“I left because of that,” said a source who worked for many years as an office worker at Francos de Montreal, formerly FrancoFolies. The festival is in full swing until Saturday.

Even before US giant Live Nation acquired 49% of Team Spectra in 2020, our source says some meetings were held in English, even if there was a single English speaker among the 20s around the table.

The people of Yevenko [propriétaire de 51 % de l’Équipe Spectra] They rolled their eyes at me as I spoke French during the meeting. »

Quote from Work source for Francos de Montreal

His testimony about the growing presence of the English language is backed by current and former employees who have all requested anonymity while continuing to work with the company on this small middle.

In total, we collected information from 9 workers and former workers of Francos de Montreal.

Instructions for technicians in English only

In emails dating back the past few days, obtained by Radio Canada, we found out that a production coordinator for in-house shows speaks only English to his bands.

The technicians told us of their annoyance and surprise. presidentspeaks to us exclusively in English, except for a word in French, here and there “,” text “:” Our boss, speaks to us exclusively in English, except for a word in French, here and there “}} “>our presidentHe speaks to us exclusively in English, except for one word in French here and theresomeone says.

Another adds: I am not bilingual. In the group we speak French, but our calls are received in English.

The vast majority of Francophone technicians speak French. They were surprised to receive communications in English […] Especially in the context of the debate about the French language. »

Quote from A source gave us internal emails

Franco’s technologists are not unionized, but evenco is known in the industry for his extensive use of English internally.

They have already given the contracts to us in English onlysays Natalie Goyer, president of Local 56 of the International Alliance of Theater Employees (AIEST). we resistEmphasizes.

The festival says diversity and inclusion are important

“Team Spectra values ​​the French language in all official internal communications, whether by choice or by law.” (A new window) ”, confirms the producer of Francos de Montreal, in response to our questions.

At the same time, the company adds: We pride ourselves on having the best people in their places, regardless of their background.

In the case of a production coordinator speaking to his staff in English, Équipe Spectra tells usHe is fully bilingual, has worked contractually for several years within the organization and we are pleased to be able to rely on his skills..

Regardless of the festival, diversity and inclusion not only on stage, but also with its permanent and contract staff, is part of the success of our events. »

Quote from Spectra team

Under what conditions is a meeting held in English as part of Francos? Our professional meetings are conducted in Frenchconfirms to Team Spectra, It is understood that our English-speaking employees are free to express themselves in their own language.

Our external written communications in French, as well as the company’s internal written communications. »

Quote from Spectra team

Is labor shortage included?

Existing festival staff points out that the labor shortage is unknown to the cultural community, particularly in the artistic field. Evenko sent people from its English-speaking departmentexplains a technician.

There has been a lot of turnover in the industry since the pandemicIt adds another internal source.

The Spectra team remembers it The experience and knowledge of people who work with passion and dedication remains, year after year, a key element in delivering the best events to festival-goers everywhere..

The company notes that Francos de Montreal has been promoting a song in the French language since the festival’s inception. In 2016, concerts in FrenchIt caused a bit of controversy.

On the part of the festival partners, in recent years we have noticed a lack of knowledge of the French-speaking culture among some of the interlocutors within the company.

When asked to respond to the place of English in his organization, Spectra’s Head of Programming, Laurent Saulnier, replied: no comment, before disconnecting. He will step down as vice president in September after 23 years of commitment.

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