Scuf Reflex controller test: PS5 finally has the deluxe DualSense

High-end brand Scuf has the massive privilege of launching the first PS5 console not designed by Sony. In short, this is the Deluxe DualSense. We tested it.

Unlike Microsoft, Sony opted for the PS5-related console revolution. For several generations, the multinational has relied on DualShock, which has only evolved in small steps. With the PlayStation 5, it introduced DualSense, a board full of exclusive technologies, ensuring immersion like never before (and it’s true).

All the peculiarities of DualSense unfortunately owe the choice of PS5 owners: it is her or nothing. This limit has been true for several months. However, Scuf Props, known for their high-end products, now offer Reflex – a supercharged DualSense, designed for those who want a pointy controller in their hand. At a price that will no doubt be talked about (more than 200 euros).

Scuf Reflection (bottom) vs. Sony DualSense (top). // Source: Maxime Claudel by Numerama

DualSense with significantly improved finishes

The Scuf Reflex isn’t a completely redesigned console. In fact, it takes all or part of the DualSense design. Starting with this very solid base (we love the look of the PS5 console), the company then set out to improve every detail. In addition to high-quality materials (nice and pleasant plastic under the palm), Reflex adds many small elements designed to improve ergonomics.

Here’s what really changes :

  • The stick scheme, symmetrical and hollow, is distinguished by a grip that holds the thumb more;
  • The R2 and L2 triggers are a little grainy, which makes the index finger pleasing;
  • Both snares are equipped with sharper grips, with skillful manipulation of fish on hexagonal patterns;
  • Four programmable panels appear on the back.

As a bonus, Scuf, in its online component, offers several options for customizing your Reflex. You can play it in a discreet way, with subtle finishes (black in our case), or prefer a flashy embellishment, like this one. bewitching Dragon pattern in questionable taste:

Note that the Reflex is available in two other variants: a Pro version with a firmer grip and an FPS version with instant triggers (for a few milliseconds when firing) and vibration-free.

Scuf Reflex Console Fins for PS5
Scuf Reflex console fins for PS5. // Source: Maxime Claudel by Numerama

One button far from perfect

The DualSense is Sony’s most comfortable controller ever. Since the Scuf Reflex is based on its design, the overall feel is the same – which means it is excellent, with this always working in terms of texture and volume that increases satisfaction tenfold. The handle is neither too big nor too narrow, it ensures a great balance that adapts to different shapes. The Reflex is a console that you want to have in your hands, without any of the feeling of fatigue likely to appear during long sessions. On the other hand, you have to like the symmetric sticks, a distinction that Sony assumed from the start.

Watch out, the Scuf Reflex is a bit heavier than the DualSense: 303 grams, versus the official board’s 281. This difference can be felt when using for those sensitive to weight. For us, those few extra grams improve ergonomics, as the console feels more in your hands. On the other hand, we didn’t notice any difference when we hit the keys. The experience is pretty much the same.

Scuf Reflex Controller Grip for PS5
Scuf Reflex controller grip for PS5. // Source: Maxime Claudel by Numerama

So the Reflex is adorned with four keys on the back, so programmable that they become shortcuts. Improperly placed platforms can be feared. It’s just the opposite: the Scuf has found a clever design, allowing quick and convenient access via the middle finger. Concretely, we press either in or out. It’s practical, and makes you want to change your habits to get benefits later (you’ll have to get used to these switches too). Even better, these four platforms do not interfere with normal use. At worst, you can remove them.

The controller has only one drawback compared to the DualSense. Scuf has changed the home button, which no longer takes the PlayStation logo, but takes the form of a simple circle. the problem? It’s off quite a bit, when the DualSense gets out a bit for easier access. Since it is a button that we use a lot, we miss the ergonomics.

Scuf reflection (left) vs. Sony DualSense (right)
Scuf reflection (left) vs. Sony DualSense (right). // Source: Maxime Claudel by Numerama

A little bit of customization

The Reflex system doesn’t sacrifice any of DualSense’s advanced technologies. There are touchpad, adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, microphone, speaker, and motion sensors. Therefore, the immersive experience that Sony promised is still there.

With its configurable panels, Reflex is aimed at those who want more responsiveness. You can save several profiles in the console, knowing that you can assign L1 / R1 and L3 / R3 commands, direction keys and four action buttons (triangle, circle, cross and square). It’s a shame that Scuf didn’t think of making the process easier with dedicated software, forcing you to delve into manipulations that are far from straightforward.

Customizing Scuf Reflex Controller
Customizing the Scuf Reflex Controller. // Source: Maxime Claudel by Numerama

In terms of customization, the Reflex goes well below Microsoft’s Elite pad, which allows you to shorten game triggers (even mimic a mouse click) or even to tweak the sensitivity of the sticks. You can still change the sticks by removing the bottom of the front face (beware of fragility). Two options are available in the box – a long domed stick, and a short domed stick – and more are available for purchase (along with anti-friction rings).

Don’t expect better autonomy from Reflex, which will last no more than ten hours on a single charge (like the DualSense). Scuf has a good idea to provide a two-meter braided cable, so he can use it from his couch when connected to the PS5. Clever.


We can say that spending more than 200 euros for a console is not very reasonable. It would be to forget how essential an accessory it is to live your passion to the best of your ability. Therefore, it is important that expensive solutions like Scuf Reflex be marketed, since there are players who are likely to spend that amount to get a more efficient DualSense.
The general public will obviously be satisfied with the console that comes with the PS5, which already offers a very compelling experience. Others will discover a fancy alternative that does everything better (except for the home button). Between dramatically improved finishes, customization possibilities and slight ergonomics, the Scuf Reflex is a console that will please experts without any worries. PS5 finally has the premium DualSense feature.

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