Flames: Jonathan Huberdeau could hardly get a better show

Calgary Flames fans can breathe: Jonathan Huberdeau is in Alberta to stay. The former Panthers, just weeks after trading with Flames, signed the biggest contract of his career: eight years, worth $84 million. We’re talking about $10.5 million, which is the same contract Carrie Price signed with the Canadians.

In fact, the comparison to Price isn’t really bad because the Canadian goalkeeper signed his contract a year before he was to become a free agent. He did so in the summer of his 30th birthday and his contract went into effect when he was 31.

Huberdeau signed it in the summer of his 29th birthday and it will take effect next year, when he turns 30. So that guarantees him $5.9 million next year and a total of $89.9 million over the next nine campaigns.

He will also receive a large part of his money in the form of bonuses, which may be useful if he continues to reside in America.

You’ll tell me that 39 for a goalkeeper and 38 for a striker aren’t quite the same, especially for the knees – that’s right. Having said that, you’ll agree with me that flames are still risky.

Matthew Tkachuk, who traded in Florida in the same trade that sent Huberdoo to Calgary, signed an eight-year contract, but it is now in effect. He’ll earn a little less ($9.5 million) a year, but his contract will expire at the age of 32. It also fits more in with the identity of the Panthers.

But does that mean that Florida CEO Bill Zito necessarily won the deal? Not necessarily, no. After all, there are pros and cons on both sides.

It is important to remember now that Quebec has fallen for the long term in Alberta.

  • The Panthers get a younger player that suits their needs more. (+)
  • They save money on the contract of the biggest player involved in the deal, but also on MacKenzie Weegar’s contract. (+)
  • Weegar’s loss in 2022-23 does not help the club to continue winning at the moment. (-)
  • The possibility and the first option to go to Calgary could develop well. (-)

The leopards put all their eggs in one basket, and the flames would probably have paid less if Huberdeau had been given a long-term contract to reduce the risk of the flames. But DG Brad Treliving bet and obviously won his bet.

Because even if Huberdeau’s contract is heavier, in the short term, Flames are the best. We’ll see how that happens in the long run and see if Weegar wants to stay in Calgary as well.

Will a Quebec contract be too heavy in seven, eight or nine years? It’s possible, but it was the price to pay to keep Huberdeau in town and not see him leave like Johnny Goudreau or Matthew Tkachuk. After all, Canadian teams need to find players who are willing to stay… And for this, you sometimes have to pay the price.

Huberdeau had a big end of the stick in the negotiations because the Flames absolutely didn’t want to lose him in a year so as not to “spoil” Tkachuk’s departure, because he could sign for eight years and because we don’t know not. Whether he will give better than 115 points this year.

Who knows if he will get such a contract as a free agent next year? After all, we can see it: Right now, teams are under pressure financially and even stars like Johnny Goudreau don’t have an incredible market. Talk to Nazim Qadri…

So he’s earned his spot in the sun with bonfires and is a good bet financially. It remains to be seen if he is on the level of hockey and if on the level of his family life, it will also pay off. Calgary is not a sunrise, is it?


Ultimately, Huberdeau will not come with the Canadian next year. Rumors have never been as brutal as Pierre-Luc Dubois, for example. It has been linked to CH for a long time.

Because yes, Dubois’ arrival in Montreal seems inevitable…

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