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A true crime documentary series about a cult in which a tyrannical leader, who calls himself a prophet, marries 78 wives, 24 of whom are minors, and predicts the end of the world in the middle of the Utah desert? Present !

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It’s official to walk through it in the evening without batting an eyelid and devouring an embarrassing amount of Party Mix. It is wonderful and shocking, captivating and disgusting. And very disgusting, cibole.

In line with the believers in the orange tunics farting Wild Wild Country And worshipers of Sirius – the star, not the radio – of the Solar Temple command on Videotron’s Vrai platform, Netflix presents Keep it sweet – pray and obey (Keep your kindness – pray and be calmin the French version), of the sexual slavery practiced in the early 2000s in the fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Clarification: It’s not about a traditional Mormon denomination, it’s about a group of fractured dissidents who worship multiple marriages and the colonial style of dress.

stay sweet It is based on courageous testimonials from many women who have – thank God! – They left this dangerous radical movement that forced them to marry a man of great-grandfather age.

For four hour-long episodes of stay sweet, the perfect format for this type of production, displaying grim archival images before our eyes, and a particularly disgusting soundtrack that punctuates the fourth and final episode. We hear the nasal voice of polygamy guru Warren Jeffs preparing a 12-year-old pre-teen for an introductory religious session.

Understand: this self-proclaimed prophet raped a 12-year-old girl – who is also his wife – in front of a handful of his other wives. Yes, $@# & *, you can section here. I did it a lot. As Anne-Marie as a duet in an epic scene from the movie number by Robert LePage.

This Warren Jeff is a true scum, whose alleged piety serves as a screen for horrific crimes. In the fall of 2002, at the age of 47, this unattractive accountant succeeded his father at the head of the fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and radicalized its practices, already restrictive and completely ignored.

Image provided by Netflix

Rollon and Warren Jeffs

The first thing Warren Jeffs does? Of course he marries several wives of his father! Which means, technically, the teacher passes the ring to many of his mothers. Not much fun, man.

This enlightened sect forbids denim from Satan and the red color dedicated to the return of Christ on earth. Within the group, which was founded in Short Creek, a village on both sides of Nevada and Utah, members live cut off from the real world, without newspapers, the Internet, television, or any form of fun.

Strict rules force women to wear long dresses small house on the meadowUnder which they wear underwear that covers their bodies from the neck to the wrists and down to the ankles. As for their hair, which they never cut, they wear it in a braided bun as in the nineteenth century.e century.

Image provided by Netflix

The women of the sect must wear long dresses of this type Small house on the meadow.

Men, especially the elderly, have it easy, they live with a large number of wives, who force them to affix them every night – with all that this entails. The brutal Warren Jeffs even offered 67 young women to marry his buddies.

This corrupt prophet exercises obsessive control over his flock. He spies on them with cameras and threatens to burn them in hell with any nonsense.

The teacher has the power to drive out the rebellious and then reallocate their wives and children to other faithful ones. He also kidnaps young girls from their mothers to send them to a kind of training camp for teen wives, deep in Texas.

There, after these real horror movie images, you’re definitely screaming: but why hasn’t anyone run away or denounced this group before? stay sweet Explain it clearly. Because these people were cradle-trained. Because they only know this stupid view of the universe. Because they live in constant fear of disappointing the Prophet and not reaching Zion, their version of Heaven.

Here is Zion. You’ll see it in stay sweet. It’s a place located in El Dorado (can’t be invented), Texas, where only pastel colors are allowed.

In Zion, the Promised Land, we sing the glory of God with big smiles on our faces. In Zion, women learn the specific role that the Church of Fools has in store for him: to be gentle, to have children, to follow the rules, and to be silent. Fortunately, some brave people disobeyed.

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