Colorado Avalanche | From Mario Jocelin to Pavel Francos

(Denver) Did you know that Mario Jocelyn still holds Quebec Nordic and Colorado Avalanche records? If you don’t know, rest assured: There are at least two of you.

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Clouds Lifrancois

Clouds Lifrancois

“I didn’t know I had a record! Gosselin amused, on the line. Those aren’t the things that intrigued me when I was playing nor after my career. I know I got locked out in my first NHL game, but other than that, I don’t know my stats!”

In fact, Jocelyn shares his record with Philip Grobauer and Pavel Francus. All three won in six straight playoffs. And if so, there is at least a third person who does not know this statistic: Francos himself. “Ah, that’s cool,” the Czech dropped with the enthusiasm of a vegan who discovered PFK was opening its doors in his neighbourhood.

Francos’ winning streak continues; Grubauer died his last year. For Jocelyn, we have to go back to the spring of 1987 and the era of John Ogrodnik and Paul Gillis. In the first round, Nordic beat the Hartford Wheelers four times in a row, before winning the first two matches of the following series against the Canadian. However, the student housing associations ended up removing this chain.

Jocelyn shared the net with Clint Mallarchuk. The latter was two years older and had 52 runs during the season, compared to Jocelyn’s 26. How did the goalkeeper from Thetford Maines get the favourite, Michel Bergeron in the playoffs?

Jocelyn explains: “Whether in the playoffs or in the season, I always told myself that no matter what happened, it was forgotten in the next game. The other thing was that I was aware of the relative importance of the game. There are no deaths in hockey! I was very rational about it.” Yes, it is important for your teammates and coaches, but win or lose, sir, everyone will wake up the next day to go to work.”

Francoise or Quimper?

Francos may have to wait before he hopes to break Jocelyn’s record. Veteran Darcy Comber, the first guard of the avalanche, is back to full health.

Avalanche Technical Director Jared Bednar has a nice dilemma. Francos played in all four matches against the Oilers, allowing 10 goals from 109 shots (908 efficiency). Kuemper is 6-2 with a 2.65 GAA and .897 save this spring.

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Pavel Francos

Comber told reporters gathered in front of him that goalkeepers expect to receive a text message on Tuesday evening telling them who the starting player is in the first game. The Saskatchewan revealed that the avalanche had been running this way all season.

Whatever the case, Jocelyn won’t suffer from any insomnia while he waits to see if his 35-year-old brand will last. He is still involved in hockey, and makes a living as the owner of a goalkeeping school in Saint-Basile-le-Grand, but he follows the NHL from a distance.

“I work in hockey, but I don’t watch professional hockey,” he says. Since my return to Quebec in 1997, we have neither RDS nor TVA. I watch the highlights because it fascinates me to see the quality of goalkeepers these days. Even when I was playing, I didn’t spend my days watching other games. »

bodes well for the point

Lightning can get you reinforcements. Brayden Point skate, who fell in Game Seven of the first round against Toronto, on Tuesday. John Cooper said a return on Wednesday was likely, otherwise the striker should be available for game two. In the avalanche, Nazim Qadri’s return seems less imminent, but Mikko Rantanen stated that “doctors sometimes do magic tricks”.

lost at the airport

As always, John Cooper was on fire at his press conference. The Lightning pilot is back on his first encounter with Julien BriseBois. BriseBois is the general manager of Lightning, but in 2010 he was in charge of the school club. So it was he who appointed Cooper as head coach for the Norfolk Admirals, a subsidiary of Lightning at the time. “It went really well in the interview, so when it was time to leave, Julian offered to take me back to the airport,” Cooper said. But we lost, I was tight on my flight. I thought he knew the area, and I didn’t want to tell him, but I wondered: Why did you offer to drive me? I ended up catching my flight in time. But the relationship we built, our connections in the MLS, moved to the NHL. »

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