Tampa Bay Lightning | Patrick Maron “Understanding His Role”

(Tampa) Pierre-Cedric Labrie is now a member of Syracuse Crunch, in the Major League. Patrick Maron is trying to win the Stanley Cup for the fourth time in a row.

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Clouds Lifrancois

Clouds Lifrancois

Their lives have gone in opposite directions ever since, but about a decade ago, the two giants bumped into each other in a restaurant in an American League city. LaBrie forgot about the circumstances, but remembered one thing: Maron was frustrated and wondering about his future in hockey.

Athlete Bay Cuomo told us this story last month during the series Against the Laval Missile. Last week, the anecdote was told to Maron himself.

“I remember the meeting, but I don’t remember the conversation in detail. But at that time, the pilots [de Philadelphie] Just send me home,” says Maron. Then I was traded to Anaheim. I didn’t have a good year, not so much on the ice, but especially mentally. When I was fired, I wondered if I’d play again.”

The ducks gave me a second chance, and I don’t know how to thank them.

Patrick Marron

Maroon has a history with history at this end. Tampa Bay Lightning is aiming for a third consecutive Stanley Cup win, but it would be his fourth in a row, as he also triumphed with the St. Louis Blues in 2019. His current 15-streak winning streak has not been heard from since the New York Islands in early New York The 1980s, in which few players won 19 series in a row.

Does it have to pinch itself? “Just winning one is crazy! He replies. Guys go 10 or 12 years without reaching the final or even the conference final. It’s the hardest tournament to win in the sport.”

From Texarkana to Philadelphia

Maron’s career is atypical. It began in 2005, in Texarkana, a city so named because it lies on the border between Texas and Arkansas. As if a superhero city called Kattawa was created.

his coach? John Cooper, is the person who Fitness Trainer for three years. “He had the same mentality, he was the same coach, but today he deals with the NHL players. Maron recalls.

His club in Texarkana, who will then move to St. Louis, plays in the NAHL, a shadowy league from which two or three players are recruited each year. Maron was overtaken in his first year of eligibility, before being claimed at age 161e Sorted by pilots the following year.

Marc-André Bourdon played with Maroon for just over a year at Flyers affiliates. The man who is now Rouyn-Noranda Huskies’ general manager is remembered as “a very impressive man, highly appreciated by his teammates”.

He is a big guy, his nickname is Big Rig. Like today, his skating wasn’t his strength, but he was good around goal, he had very good hands and a certain toughness. He had potential.

Marc-Andre Bourdon

The pot jumps in its third year. Details are hazy, but there has been a rift between Maron and his Phantoms coach. The team canceled it immediately and replaced it with the ducks in November 2010.

“When you go to play in the MLS at the age of 20 and 21, you are a loser without supervision. Without going into details, it may have been played,” says Bourdon.

the transfer

Marron made his mark, first at Anaheim and then at Edmonton, where he had his best offensive season with 27 goals in 2016-2017. It will also help the Oilers make the playoffs for the first time in 11 years.

Now 34, he’s clearly playing a supporting role, as he’s hired in the fourth grade. But he’s there every night. He has been in the Lightning’s 68 Interlude Games uniform for 3 years and also played all Blues games during the 2019 Conquest.

He’s making the most of his limited minutes, as evidenced by his four goals in 20 games this spring. And on Monday, he co-wake up his team by setting up Anthony Cirelli’s first-period goal. He also hit the target in the middle of the match.

“He was abusive, but he had other qualities,” Bourdon recalls. “There is a suppression of attacking players in the MLS, and they can’t all stay in the center of the offense.”

“Today, he is at the end of his career, but since he is a good individual who agrees to play in the fourth line, he still takes his place. He understood his role. And I brought him three cups.”

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