Here are Pierre Bruno’s last words at the head of TVA Nouvelles

Emotions were at their height, and surprises abounded, on Thursday, on the set of “TVA Nouvelles from five in the evening and six in the evening,” where Pierre Bruno presented himself for the last time as a broadcaster.

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The 70-year-old journalist was at the same time frenetic, proud and calm, ending an impeccable 46-year career. It should be done along the same lines: including his years on radio, at the beginning of his career, half a century of news that he would be broadcasting live, coming in day in and day out in the kitchen or living room in Quebec. . And it will always be number one.

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Mr. Bruno, who knows everyone with a reassuring voice, rigor and calm, began his newsletter as he has done thousands of times, after an opening punctuated by archival photos. He thanked his teammates, who also had a very emotional day, seeing a prop leave them.

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Souvenirs and tears

His last attendance at the office began with a bang, around 7:30 in the morning. Pierre Bruno visited the “Salut Bonjour” group, and then, as usual, went down the stairs to the editing room on the tenth floor. That’s when he spotted souvenirs during his trip and couldn’t hold back his tears at times.

On each floor, people were there to congratulate him, shake hands with him and wish him a happy retirement. Among them, there were such partners as Mario Dumont, Colette Provencher, Pierre-Olivier Zappa and his wife Jeannette Saint-Cyr as well as people involved in the Charles Bruno Foundation.

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It was the Gestev team, a division of Quebecor, that decorated the staircase with highlights from the career and life of Pierre Bruno. When he got upstairs, the newsroom team gave him a standing ovation. We feel that for them it is a great piece that is disappearing, a man who has inspired them and will continue to guide them.

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It usually takes less than two minutes to climb all floors. “This morning, it took me about an hour and a half because I wanted to appreciate every picture. I want them to line my garage to make a big wall,” he said.

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“It’s full of memories, it’s my life that we saw there, it’s my relationship with the audience and with my co-workers. That bond, I just understood it, it’s as if I just realized it today. Even if I know that the best improvisation we have prepared, they say, Today I’m drenched in thought. I woke up this morning thinking of Jean Lapierre and all the amazing honors he held after his death, I’ve heard during my life. There’s something that makes us bigger than life, but I’m like, ‘Take it!’

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He added that he felt “privileged” to leave “a career that satisfies him” alone. “I decided it’s over because I’m 70 and I want to enjoy the rest of my life.”

He acknowledged the constant support of his wife Jeannette Saint-Cyr, with whom he now plans to travel. “She is a woman who has been very resilient, and probably sacrificed a lot of her career to accompany what I had to live through and, above all, to make up for my absence, because I had to go to work.”

At the end of Thursday’s bulletin, the President and CEO of Quebec City, Pierre-Carl Pillado, inaugurated Pierre Bruno’s studio in the presence of the main interested party, so that the brilliant broadcaster and journalist remains present on a daily basis, with his colleagues. The news anchor joked that he would keep an eye on his former co-workers.

Subsequently, Mr. Bruno was deeply moved, as he “thanked the viewers for their loyalty” and left a letter to Sophie Thibault, who would succeed him.

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Pierre Bruno will return this fall for the Quebec elections, particularly in “Face-à-face 2022” and the election evening on October 3. Throughout his busy day, Mr. Bruno will be followed through his various interviews. Many surprise guests will come to honor him.

“Forty-six years as a news anchor and 11 years at the famous TVA Nouvelles studio. There is a key point that you inspired and informed us and it is also essential that young people remember all of that. […] “It is a great honor to call the studio TVA Novels, guess by its name Pierre Bruno’s studio,” said Pierre-Carl Bellado before Pierre Bruno, accompanied by his wife Jeannette Saint-Cyr.

There is a tremendous amount of excitement here in the editing room. This is where we see the greatness, the presence of Pierre Bruno, because we feel calm, serene and peace with this decision. “I think I cried four times this morning,” anchor Julie Marco said.

“Every evening he was with them in their living room, he was there when everyone was cooking, when the children were crying, when homework was not possible, when the whirlwind of life took hold of everyone. The quiet force of the house, that told us the news, what we live today was enormous. “There is no public figure who lasts so long, in this way, and leaves with so much love,” said TVA Nouvelles producer Michel Lamarche.

It’s such a huge piece that leaves a huge part of my career, he was the one who made me grow,” director told TVA Nouvelles Éric Gauthier.

“When I was told I was going to work with Pierre Bruno, I was intimidated, happy to take on the challenge and, above all, honored to be now leading the appointments. Every day he went to the kitchen and living room at the Quebecers,” said his office manager Catherine Legari.

said the Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of TVA and LCN, Xavier Brassard Bedard.

TVA Nouvelles Executive Producer Maxime Landry argued, “To announce that Rene Levsk has been elected until the pandemic, this is a history book that leaves us.”

“It’s an extraordinary career such a long career, in the same position, reminds me of Walter Cronkite in the United States who has been the dominant figure for several decades. Mr. Bruno, it is a record that has been kept with a lot of calm despite the fact that the news is tough, and the world is changing” , said UQAM Professor of Communications Bernard Motulscu, who also referred to his “stability” and the fact that he was a “master” to many Quebecers.

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