Un projet de cartes postales de données intimes représentées en illustrations montre tout l’impact de la data visualisation. © Dear Data

Dear Data: Visualize data in all its art

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When we go online, our data goes a very long way. Thus, an email travels an average of 15,000 km to reach its destination!

One is English and the other is American. Artists with radically different paths united by two passions, graphic design and data analysis. From these common features a somewhat crazy project was born: dear data. send each other Postcard per week for a year. This is a total of 104 works that were sent across the Atlantic, on the front of which was a hand-drawn illustration and on the back, information that was able to be deciphered by computer graphics.

Over the course of the fifty-two weeks, collecting data about our lives has become something of a ritual. We would spend the week observing and writing down our activities or thoughts, before translating that information into a hand-drawn visualization Explained by Georgia Lupe and Stephanie Posavik.

New visual models

The ambition was twofold: to explore all possibilities of data visualization to get to know themselves better from the recurring events in their life and development designers By creating new visual models. Some cards also require more than seven hours of work.

The number of “thanks” received, the laughter, the times they looked at the time or the variety of perfumes they smelled… So many themes that make it possible to emphasize” The project’s deep humanistic philosophy of restoring texture Live data in our daily lives from the non-sensitive, algorithmic and non-human semantics of the word “.

The Dear Data project brought together designers, Giorgia and Stephanie, who sent postcards to each other to do a data visualization. © Somerset House, Dear Data

real enthusiasm

The originality of the project lies both in the processing topics, non-personal data rather than cold data, and in the processing of fees, plastic arts Instead of traditional digital arts, only the support, the postcard long time Reverse The velocity that has direction and intensity is represented by a vector, the velocity vector. Relative velocity is the speed of an object in relation to another or to a frame. “data-image =” https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midoriginal/3/1/ 9 / 319daf63f4_77541_leibniz-dp .jpg “data-url =” https://news.google.com /sciences/definitions/physics-velocity-324/ “data-more=”read definition”>Speed The Internet, but above all, with the aim of getting to know each other better and, eventually, communication, but not necessarily in the digital sense of the term …

A success that has generated real enthusiasm for Dear Data account on Twitter Inspiring a lot of people to contribute to your uploaded charts. Postcards were also displayed during the event the great explosion The data is in Sommerset House, London, and has been published in a book by Penguin Books.

Strategic decision support

Dear Data is also an argument, certainly anomalous but no less impressive, in favor of the power of data visualization. While he was the sound The data available is increasing and we are beginning to understand what is at stake, and it is important to be able to make it visible, understandable, impactful and engaging. Especially since the brain function
The brain is located in the cranial box, which is the seat of higher functions (cognitive functions, senses, neural responses) and vegetative functions. So it is a primary device that regulates all… “data-image=” https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midoriginal/5/c/b/5cb474dd85_121782_cerveau-3d .jpg “data-url=” https://news.google.com/health/definitions/biology-brain-3125/” data-more = “Read More”>brain It processes visual data 60,000 times faster than text, and absorbs it better.

In fact, in a study by Tablo Programming And YouGov, data is a source of innovation and growth for the 87% of decision makers surveyed who consider that sharing data in a simple and visual way makes it possible to discover opportunities. On the other hand, 34% of them believe that their company is not making the most of its data due to a lack of skills, proper tools, and employees.

need for training

C’est donc tout l’art de la data visualisation, qui a besoin de réels experts à la fois dans le traitement et l’analyse des données, mais aussi dans le storytelling et sa presentation graphique afin d’en faire un véritable outil d ‘Decision support. Not everyone can improvise in discipline, as evidenced by this site Which collects the worst examples.

Training, like the one he offers Data Sciencealso shifts the lines between technical and functional occupations using a hybrid system in zoology
In zoology, a hybrid refers to an animal resulting from the crossbreeding of two different species. This strain is almost always…”data-image=” https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/8/7/e/87eb7ce1bc_50034391_zeedonk-sannse-wikimedia-common-01.jpg” data -url = “https://news.google.com/planete/definitions/hybrid-zoology-2300/” data-more = “read more”>hybridization Skills at the crossroads of computing, statistics, communication and art. It even allows some to be able to master languages ​​like Python which has established itself as a free and open source language for use in analyzing data sets.

The article was produced in partnership with DataScientest

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