The Canadian will not build his team around the future first choice in the draft

A week ago, when sum From the NHL he was barely getting off the ground, the general feeling about the Canadiens was that Shane Wright had a head start in the race for the first pick in the draft.

But for now, Kingston Center obviously doesn’t have much space edge on others.

Is it because Wright is a bad player? of course not. On the other hand, he’s not exceptional and the Canadian wouldn’t miss as much opportunity to pick another player as if Conor McDavid were available.

That’s kind of how a lot of recruits think.

I don’t think the Canadian will build his team around that choice.

Canadian Conor McDavid would not pass by not picking Wright.

It’s already been a year and no matter who you draft first, it’s not a real first choice.

Many recruits, anonymously interviewed by Eric LeBlanc (RDS), do not appear to have been sold on Wright and this is also what Alan Cheney believes. why?

Several reasons could explain this.

First of all, even if it is Nick Bobrov who appears to be the master on board in the Montreal recruitment field, it is believable that Martin Lapointe, who has a strong voice on the recruitment profile, is not a style at Wright. It seems lacking to cut In the eyes of many recruits, it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

However, we can wonder if under Martin St. Louis, who knows how to get the best out of his buddies, he could open up.

Then, regardless of Juraj Slafkovsky’s position, if he was the best player available, CH would take him. Does CH consider taking Slaf or Logan Cooley too risky? Because according to many recruits, it’s not dangerous, specifically.

Seeing Slave dominate the men on the international stage (and looked really good last week against CH) and seeing Wright unable to push his team to the next level in the OHL playoffs makes the Canadian hesitate.

A Scout sees similarities to Trevor Zegras in the way Logan Cooley imagines games. This is not a compliment to be taken lightly for the Canadian.

So no, those who say Canadians picked the wrong year to enlist in first place are not wrong. At the moment, I don’t know which direction CH will go.

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Holy George!

– to continue in Edmonton.

– News from the Rangers.

– Well done by CH.

– Continues through match #4.

– Well, yes.

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