Android Auto disappears, iPhone 14 design revealed, this is the recap of the week

Android Auto should be gone soon, video lifts the veil on iPhone 14 design, NFTs are no longer common, here’s the recap of the week.

If you are an SFR subscriber, beware of these SMS that make you think that your internet speed is limited, they are clearly SPAM. While the number of Google searches for the keyword NFT continues to drop, famous leaker Sonny Dickson reveals the design of the future iPhone 14 in a video a few months before its official launch. Excited about Android Auto, you’ll soon have to get used to without it because the app will soon be gone.

Google’s error causes him to lose all his data

It was on Reddit that user AMC20_ shared his amazing experience: In March 2022, he bought a second-hand Pixel 6 Pro on the Facebook Marketplace. Unfortunately, three months after receipt, the phone ended up in Recovery mode, leaving the smartphone blank. After some research, the buyer realized that Google had started a whole procedure of remote data deletion, as it was not a Pixel 6 Pro but a prototype of the Pixel 7 Pro, which is slated to launch n only this fall.

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“Android Auto for phone will stop working soon”

This is the official notification many users have received within their app. Google has yet to announce when Android Auto will completely stop working on your smartphones. Despite the approaching end of services, Google said in a statement. The experience will not be completely gone. »

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Credits: BMW

iPhone 14 design revealed in a video

While the main presentation of the iPhone 14 range will take place in a few months, a new video lifts the veil on the design of future Apple smartphones. It was Monk Sonny Dixon who got his hands on the mannequins before sharing them on the web. Feel free to take a look at our news to learn more about the four versions of the iPhone 14 and discover the informer’s video.

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Victims of SPAM for SFR subscribers

While SFR is no longer supposed to limit the internet speed of fiber subscribers, the user has received an SMS stating that a penalty will be imposed after excessive consumption. The subscriber quickly shared the message on Twitter, but the operator responded, explaining that it was SPAM and that it shouldn’t “Don’t take these text messages into account and don’t click on any potential link“.

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NFTs at the bottom of the wave

While the price of digital currencies like Bitcoin has seen a drop since the beginning of the month, Google searches revealed that blockchain-based digital businesses are less well known today. In fact, the keyword NFT seems to spark less curiosity, with a 75% drop in web searches between January and May. However, the market for non-fungible tokens is still far from dying, and many brands are launching their own collection of tokens.

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Our tests of the week

Realme GT 2: Wise but effective

Realme GT 2 is simple yet elegant and the interface is very practical. If the brightness of the screen is low sometimes, the colors are very beautiful. This smartphone offers good power and excellent autonomy out of the game. We appreciate the main image sensor and its selfie sensor but we are aware that its price is still quite high compared to the Realme GT.

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Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro: An almost perfect ultraportable device

With its lightweight, functional and particularly pleasant body to use, the Galaxy Book2 Pro is a very attractive portable device. We like its screen, which is well calibrated, and its excellent power and autonomy. If you’re a fan of Samsung, you’ll love the built-in Galaxy Experience software. The only real downside is its price, as you will have to spend between 1299 and 1799 euros to get this premium computer.

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Asus Zenbook Pro Duo 14 (UX8402Z): a laptop made for creative people, among others …

Even if you’re confused about the keyboard and its shape, the Zenbook Pro Duo 14 (UX8402Z) can pique your curiosity quite a bit thanks to the hardware configuration of your choice. This PC is especially suited to the needs of all professionals who need a second monitor, but can also catch the attention of some gamers. Indeed, thanks to the additional display panel, its excellent sound and its very good screen, the Zenbook Pro Duo 14 is particularly attractive.

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