A Plague Tale: Requiem Dark Gameplay released, still with mice

last year, Focus on entertainment have chosen a conference Microsoft In theE3 2021 To detect the supplement A Plague Tale: Innocence simply baptized A Plague’s Tale: Requiemwho showed us to him Play Later Game prizes. It was meant to be a Borderlais d’Asobo . studio He showed himself again at a severe trailer bend during Xbox and Bethesda Game Show 2022.

this is tractor It’s called “The End of Innocence” and clearly sets the tone, showing us the different stages of play in the controlsAmeciaAlways with her brother HugoThat will once again cross gloomy environments, invaded by rats and die. More than ever, the duo will do everything to survive. Detailed article also shared by Xbox Wire.

Hello everyone, I’m Sebastien Renard, lead writer on A Plague Tale: Requiem, and I’m excited to tell you more about our game design!

The meaning of history

A Plague Tale: Requiem will maintain the standards of realism set by the first game. And to cement it into history with a capital of H, we designed Requiem Realm after an extensive process. It was essential that the departments responsible for the technical and story-telling elements work closely together.

We used many tools and many resources, especially books, but also information on Wikipedia as well as on other more specialized sites. We’ve also worked with Roxane Chila, doctor of medieval history, to make our representation of medieval France in our title as realistic as possible. We even drew inspiration from the personal experience of some of the team members, who are familiar with the areas where the game takes place. Intuition was a key part of this process: balancing our creative decisions with their credibility in the gaming world. For example, the women in A Plague Tale have a freedom that is far from realistic. If we take into account historical reality, their place in the discussion does not represent the dynamics of the conversation at the time. We can also mention the costume of Amecia, the women did not wear pants. These are anachronisms indeed, but they are intentional.

new context

In A Plague Tale: Innocence, Amicia and Hugo, the events take place in dark and war-ridden environments. For this live-action sequel, we wanted a change of scenery and several venues were mentioned before it was decided the action would take place again in France. The south of the country will be at the heart of the game, for a visually refreshing experience.

The cloudy atmosphere of Aquitaine left us in the 14th century and Provence allows us to use more colours. This allows us to transfer the tone of the game that is still very modest and full of emotion to other landscapes, adding to the contrast between the harsh reality of the medieval world where terrible events unfold and the beautiful, sometimes still unexplored environments.

Detailed scene full of contrast

We wanted to add the details to vary from one level to the next, to give the experience more contrast. Renewing the context in the game constantly is a real challenge, and it should remain consistent with the story and the emotions we want you to feel, but also consider what these places can bring in terms of gameplay, such as the different battles or puzzles that are likely to be found in such environments. So we broadened our horizons from what we presented in the patent to ask ourselves what we could add to the fields, villages, and churches that players already know.

So we added busy and colorful markets, but we could also take for example a medieval dyeing workshop. Our collaboration with Roxane inspired this idea. Her contribution was invaluable in coming up with the right ideas and provided us with details that have a real impact on the visual side of the game. By taking you through this workshop, we enrich the historical context while adding cohesive color details from the 14th century. Our great ports and their ships will be another good example, they make it possible to insist on the importance of the Mediterranean trade at that time.

Thank you for watching this preview, we can’t wait to tell you more about Hugo and Amicia’s new adventure in the coming months!

A Plague’s Tale: Requiem In 2022 on Xbox Series X | S, PS5, PC and Switch via Cloudwill be included First day In the game arcade.

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