Canadians will decide in July who will be the first choice for the project

Shane Wright, Logan Cooley, Juraj Slavkowski: Who will be the first choice for CH next July? Everyone asks the question.

Already, a lot of people are making plans too early to see if the Canadian general should trade his pick to the Fiends to craft a second if Wright wasn’t the choice.

But the truth is that it is still too early to talk about it.

why? Because the Canadian has not yet decided who will be the first choice for vanilla In a few weeks. And according to what Kent Hughes said this afternoon during his virtual press conference, at the beginning of next July, the decision will be made.

Why at the beginning of July when the draft starts on July 7th?

Because until then, Nick Bobrov, Martin Lapointe (those who will have the final say on the decision, the general manager confirmed) and the other members of the team who will be involved in the discussion will have time to not just rely on the last few weeks, but to make a well-thought-out decision.

What enters the discussion, you ask me?

First, there is the fact that several video sessions will be on the list in the coming weeks…but we must not forget that the interviews conducted in Buffalo will really help CH make his decision.

In Hughes’ eyes, physical tests are less important than interviews because it is also necessary to know whether a youngster, for example, is a good player who puts the team first.

This is also why he’s bringing the guys to dinner this week because it leaves more time to get to know the man (or teen) behind the player.

Yesterday, it was Shane Wright’s turn … and the Montreal administration was impressed by what they saw in the young man. We are talking about an intelligent and mature man who appeared on the Canadian table.

Imagine how much that was for him…

This will help Canadians choose the best player available. Whether as a center, winger or defender, CH will choose the player he deems best in the long run.

Whether or not a potential client is able to make the jump to the NHL in the fall will not change the club’s decision, which is building in the longer term rather than winning in 2022-2023. I love that.


Al-Kindi denied the information circulated since this morning that the Russians will not be recruited by the Canadians in July. Hughes claimed to have encountered one this morning.

Martin St. Louis Contract: It’s coming.

– Choosing a trading draft to get a prospect in the area : Kent Hughes will do so if necessary.

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