Leadership: According to Jake Allen, Jeff Petrie helped make up for Shea Weber’s loss

In the past year, Jeff Petrie has often been criticized. Whether it was with his performance, his attitude or literally whatever action he took, the 26th defender was going on paddle.

He’s still among the defenders who can be traded by the start of next season, either before or after the draft entry and free agent day.

But even if management and supporters wish to settle the file as quickly as possible, the fact remains that in the locker room, he does not appear to be the problem.

At least that’s what the guard said. Samuel Montembolt Jack Allen.

According to the Canadian goalkeeper telling The Canadian Press, Petrie was among the players who helped make up for Webber’s absence at Leadership in the room.

This is different from the general discourse about him.

Of course, Allen didn’t have to sing his praises. If he does, it’s probably because he feels real and the defender actually had more of an impact than we thought.

And he should know it, he who was in the room.

Other players filled the void. I was really touched, especially by guys like Galle [Brendan Gallagher]Suzy [Nick Suzuki| et [Jeff] run out. Jake Allen on Shea Weber’s absence

Allen also referred to a file Leadership of Carey Price in the locker room, saying that he and Weber came up with a certain aura. Note, for what it’s worth, that he did not mention Edmondson.

As for the captain, Allen doesn’t seem to want to throw a Suzuki into the wolf’s mouth very quickly since CH has many good candidates anyway.

I think a lot of people learned from Chi.

Nick is clearly one of those people, but he’s still young and it will depend on which direction he goes. [Hughes] He wants to give to the club. – Jake Allen

So we understand a little better why Kent Hughes would want to replace (if he left) Petrie with a veteran. CH already lacks veterans to guide youngsters and not replacing Petrie would be ideal to push CH.

Does this make it more attractive?

Many of

Nazem Qadri can play tonight.

Thomas Tatar would like to play with Juraj Slafkovsky.

– The NHL has its nose in NFTs?

– In fact.

– These guys love hockey.

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