Eggs: Excessive consumption increases the risk of cancer

Is eating eggs for breakfast dangerous to your health? A new study published on May 27, 2022 in the journal limits in nutrition, Examine the relationship between egg consumption and cholesterol and mortality risks such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. As a result, they found out Eating a lot of eggs each day may increase your risk of dying from cancer.

Eggs: 13% increase the risk of developing cancer.

To arrive at these findings, the scientists looked at 55 different studies including 2.8 million people. They finally found it Each egg consumed per day was associated with a 7% increased risk of death.Whatever the reason. On the other hand, Cancer risks were 13% higher..

but, No relationship has been established between egg consumption and heart disease. Moreover, a Chinese study published on May 24, 2022 in the scientific journal eLife, revealed that Eating up to one egg a day may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. For good reason, you can eat in moderation Increasing the amount of heart-healthy metabolites in the blood.

“No food will destroy the diet or lifestyle,” says Julie Lanford, registered dietitian.

Even if this study sheds light on the link between eggs and cancer, Julie Lanford, a registered dietitian at Eat This Not That, states that The egg is not the only culprit And the Other factors that affect health during life. And therefore, Changing your lifestyle and diet will not reduce your risk of cancer. “No food will destroy the diet or lifestyle,” she says. As a reminder, in order to stay healthy, it is advisable to follow a balanced diet and engage in regular physical activity.

“My advice is Diversify your dietFrom Watch for signs of hunger and fullness BesideIncorporating physical activity per week,” concludes Julie Lanford. “I don’t think spending time worrying about how many eggs you eat or not eat will have a real impact on health.”

Eggs have health benefits that should not be overlooked

A survey by the Canadian Space Agency of the Egg Interprofession (CNPO) in 2021 revealed that The French were more than 9 out of 10 eating eggs at least once a week (compared to 84% in 2019). If consumed in moderation, it must be said that food has many advantages. It is a good source of protein It averages 10.5 grams in eggs and 16 grams in yolks. It includes other items such as Water and vitamins A, B (in particular B2, B5, B9 and B12), D and E or iron and potassium.

Eggs do not raise cholesterol levels

However, there are many prejudices about the egg. In her book The Egg, A Food That Wants You Good published by Alpen, author Lily Carat tries to break it down. For example, you wrote that contrary to popular belief, An egg does not raise cholesterol levels. For her, if it is incorporated into a balanced diet, it is not really a problem.

However, remember that “if the regular and calculated consumption of one egg per day does not cause anxiety in a healthy person, on the contrary, Excessive consumption can lead to various disorders, such as increased levels of cholesterol in the blood and put you at risk.” So it is recommended to have Attentive in the composition of meals Avoid associating it with foods with similar textures, such as meat.

Eating eggs helps you lose weight

The egg will also be an ally for slimming. Contains 85 calories, or 6% of your daily energy needs. “It has fewer calories than meat and is more filling, if you bite into it hard. Therefore, food food. It can then act as an appetite suppressantvery useful during the day, at work or during sporting leisure for example, in order to avoid these small desires destructive to our streak”, notes Lily Karat in her book.

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