Canadian Captain: Joel Edmondson in transition or Nick Suzuki now?

Upon coming to office, Kent Hughes announced that next year, the Canadian would have a new captain. Shea Weber, who previously held the position, is nearly retired and just traded in Vegas.

We know Hughes will have the final say in the decision, but he will consult just about everyone in the Canadiens to get an idea and make the right decision.

In my opinion, even if Brendan Gallagher is beloved in the locker room, the fact that he is on bad terms with the referees and the fact that CH will definitely seek to get rid of his senior contract at some point does not make him an unusual candidate.

And really, when you look at it from your angle, is there really a race with guys other than Nick Suzuki and Joel Edmondson? In my opinion, these are the only correct answers.

When we asked the question during the season, everyone agreed that Edmundston had the job profile. The rare veteran who isn’t included in the trade rumours, appears to be the man the players turn to in the locker room. Guiding the youth and him Leadership Important in the locker room.

But this summer, since Suzuki has been spending time in town and seems to understand what the logo has represented since Guy Lafleur’s death, it’s an increasingly popular choice.

Let’s understand it: in my opinion, these are two good options. Whoever the captain is in 2022, if he finds himself between these two men, he will be a good successor to Shea Webber.

But what’s the rush to nominate 22-year-old Nick Suzuki?

He may be mature and all, but he’s still only three seasons behind a tie. Could the amount of pressure we put on someone who already has a lot (new contract, first position, etc.) in the midst of rebuilding (or whatever term we want to use) be reduced a bit?

Joel Edmondson is also respected by men. However, he is a veteran player who won the cup, and he is a defensive player who will never let his performance affect his team. Leadership And he could officially take Suzuki under his wing. As I often say, having a C on his shirt isn’t going to change his day.

The day he leaves Montreal, the CH will be better, the Suzuki will be more experienced and it will be the logical dolphin who raises the torch high. So Edmondson will be a transitional leader for the Suzuki name at the end.

Remember that it is impossible to name a leader too late, but it is possible to name him too soon. Why take the opportunity to “burn” Suzuki when there is an excellent candidate (Edmondson) to support him in the meantime?

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My colleague Marc-Olivier Cook must be appalled.

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The fake Tim Stützle account sends a message to Brendan Gallagher. [Marqueur]

Don’t look for the luckiest man in the sport: Nate Pearson.

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