The number of disputes between passengers and air carriers is increasing

canadian transport agencyOTCA total of 15,254 disputes between passengers and air carriers were resolved over the past year. This runs from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

However, 7,575 complaints were resolved after the federal government announced financial aid to airlines to help make up for canceled flights due to the pandemic.

Transport Canada can help resolve complaints about air travel within, to and from Canada. RoleOTC It is to ensure that the airline has complied with the conditions stipulated in the contract […] And that both parties have fulfilled their obligations. »

Quote from Transport Canada, Statistical Report 2021-2022

In the previous year, the office intervened in 10,227 files. The increase is more noticeable when comparing the number of files processed by a fileOTC Currently with one before the pandemic. For the 2018-2019 fiscal year, 5,839 files were examined.

However, the number of complaints received by the office decreased slightly (12,158 complaints received last year compared to 13,275 in the previous year), but it still represented a staggering increase compared to the situation before the pandemic (7,650 in 2018-2019). [une plainte qui touche deux transporteurs sera comptabilisée deux fois, dans les statistiques de l’OTC, NDLR].

In his report, theOTC He also points out that these complaints represent only those that have been reported to him and for which he has deemed it necessary to open a file. It does not reflect the total number of air travel complaints filed against airlines. Many travelers resolve their complaints directly with the carrieroffice confirms.

clearer rights

CTA spokesperson Tom Omen says the federal government’s introduction of the Passenger Rights Act in 2019 explains the steady rise in complaints since then. New regulations to strengthen the charter will also go into effect on September 8.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly limited the number of travelers in recent years, the number of canceled flights, one of the main arguments for filing complaints, has risen dramatically.

According to Oommen, the annual release of airline complaints data It allows travelers to see how satisfied Canadians are with the company before making a decision.

Due to the high number of complaints, the spokesperson saidOTC He assures that the delay in opening a new file can be several months at present. However, he notes that once a case is opened, settlement is generally possible within 20 days.

WestJet makes the most miserable people

WestJet is at the top of the Canadian carriers for the number of complaints handled over the past year.

Historically, Air Canada has topped the list of Canadian airlines with the most complaints. However, the company has seen a slight decrease in the number of passengers filing complaints with the CTA over the past year.

WestJet and Air Transat, for their part, had a difficult year with the number of complaints three times higher than the previous year.

In a statement, a WestJet spokeswoman admitted that the company had to Navigate in a complex environment and face many challenges.

The company also claims that information about the complaints process available to passengers is made public to customers. Thus, the growing number of complaints, according to WestJet, is a reflection of This is more transparency Nor Overall level of customer satisfaction.

Recording fines in the field of transport in the country

Transport Canada is also responsible for conducting inspections and ensuring compliance with Federal Transportation Act in the air, marine and rail sectors.

Financial fines imposed byOTC Regarding violations of two laws and regulations:

  • Canadian Transport Act

  • Air Transport Regulations

  • Regulation of Respect for Training of Employees to Assist Persons with Disabilities

Source: Transport Canada

During the period from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, fines were imposed by officersOTC They totaled $253,975. Over the past year, the total amount of these fines was only $54,500. As for the 2018-2019 fiscal year, it amounted to $780,000.

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