Variant BA.2 Covid: Symptoms, 51%, down in France

The BA.2 sub-variable of Omicron which was in the majority in France was gradually replaced by the BA. BA.2 now accounts for 51% of coronavirus cases. Symptoms, screening test: the basics for identifying the Omicron BA2 variant.

BA.2 he is Variant of OmicronIt is a type of Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus, which is responsible for Covid-19 disease. Set at the beginning of April 2022 but is spreading in France and Europe Since the end of 2021 / beginning of 2022. It was The majority of in France But BA.5 is gradually replacing it. BA.2 subspecies of the Omicron . variant
an actress 51% Explainable screenshots from the Flash Week 23 survey (6-12 June))”
And according to the epidemiological point published by the French Public Health Authority on June 23, compared to 55% in the previous week. What is this boom? Who is Covid-19? Serum Effective against this alternative? what is it BA.2 . Symptoms ? Modernization.

Definition: What is a BA.2 variant?

BA.2 is A Variant of Omicron. It is a “little cousin” of the Omicron . variantJean-Francois Delfraissy, head of the scientific council for Covid, explained at Franceinfo’s microphone in January 2022. It’s called BA.2, and it’s a substrain of Omicron like BA.1 or BA.3. “The The genetic sequence of the BA.2 . variant varies of BA.1 and particularly shows differences in amino acids in spike protein and other proteins” Referred by the World Health Organization in February 2022. BA.2 “he is the The most contagious type From the SARS-CoV-2 virus we’ve seen so far,” Maria Van Kerkhove of the World Health Organization informed during a press conference in March 2022.

What is the price of a BA.2 variant in France?

The BA.2 variant represents Omicron 51% of the interpretable sequences From the quick survey of week 23 (6-12 June) according to the epidemiological update from Public Health France on 23 June.

What are the symptoms of the BA.2 variant?

No specific symptoms have been identified in Covid cases contaminated with the BA.2 subvariable. On the other hand, for the Omicron variant”Epidemiological investigations report a specific clinical presentation with More upper respiratory symptoms And the less loss of taste and smell, Plus less severity (risk of hospitalization and admission to intensive care up to 80% lower)Reported by Santé Publique France as of January 26, 2022. Symptoms of a BA.2 variant (such as Omicron in general) could be:

  • Tired.
  • Cough ;
  • Fever ;
  • Headache
  • Muscle aches or body aches.
  • Sore throat ;
  • Runny nose ;
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Unpleasant breathing (rarely)
  • Loss of taste and smell (rare)

Is the BA.2 variant more contagious than Omicron?

BA.2 is more transferable than BA.1 (Secondary attack rate 39% for BA.2 versus 29% for BA.1). A study also estimates that the obstetric period (time between two states) of BA.2 is 15% less than that of BA.1. These differences in transmissibility explain pStepwise placement of BA.1 by BA.2 universally observedPublic Health France March 25. BA.2 “he is the The most contagious type From the SARS-CoV-2 virus we’ve seen so farMaria Van Kerkhove, an epidemiologist at the World Health Organization, reported in March.

Is the BA.2 variant dangerous?

The Omicron BA2 subvariant does not cause a more severe form of Covid than BA1Maria Van Kerkhove, an epidemiologist in charge of the WHO’s Emerging Diseases Unit confirmed it in March 2022.

in France, Scan strategy can detect all Omicron Without distinction, whether it is BA.1 or BA.2 and thus interactively defines the level of circulation of the variable“Refers to public health in France. Second, Sequencing makes it possible to make a difference between the sub-variables, BA.1 and BA.2 The assay enables the Omicron to be interactively followed as a whole, and the sequencing allows for a finer analysis of the various sub-lineages [BA.1 ou BA.2]“.

Are vaccines effective against the BA.2 variant?

Vaccine efficacy against symptomatic diseases caused by BA.1 and BA.2 is similar : after two doses Efficiency is 10% for BA.1 and 18% Lba 2 after three doses Efficacy against symptomatic disease 69% relative to BA.1 and 74% BA 2. Efficacy drops to approximately 50% after two and a half months after the third dose of BA.1 and BA.2“According to a study conducted by the British Health Agency and published on February 25.”This indicates that Vaccination is at least as effective in preventing BA.2 acquisition and may be more effective in preventing BA.2 transmission than BA.1‘, noted the World Health Organization.TheVaccine efficacy against Omicron is maintained after a booster dose is given, Especially against severe formsThe French public health authority confirmed it on January 26.

What are the treatments against BA.2 type of Covid?

Several treatments by monoclonal antibodies To prevent Covid-19 infection. The efficacy of monoclonal antibodies varies between BA.1 and BA.2, Sotrovimab is slightly less effective against BA.2 while tixagevimab/cilgavimab (Evushield) is less effective against BA.1Refers to Public Health France on May 18. Researchers from Institut Pasteur, Center for Vaccine Research, and the Vaccine Research Institute (VRI), in collaboration with CHR of Orleans, AP-HP, KU Leuven (Catholic University of Louvain) and Paris City University, studied TheThe efficacy of two groups of monoclonal antibodies Ronapreve therapies (a combination of two antibodies developed by Roche / Regeneron) where Evoshield (A combination of two antibodies developed by AstraZeneca) vs. the variable Omicron (BA.1 and BA.2) from the Corona virus. “We show that the corresponding antibodies and sera have little or no effect against BA.1, but They are more active against BA.2. Compared with delta, the neutralization activity is strongly diminished against BA.1: 344 times more antibodies are required to neutralize BA.1, and 9 times more to neutralize BA.2‘, explains Timothy Bruel, first author of the study published March 23 in Nature Medicine and a researcher in the Virology and Immunology unit of the Institut Pasteur (CNRS Joint Research Unit). Four Omicron infections were described among 29 patients treated with the antibodies. (Including That’s one serious case). This indicates that, in this case, Treatment does not completely prevent infection or severe formsThierry Prazuck, co-lead author of the study and chief of infectious diseases at CHR d’Orléans explains.


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