The Quarry: Between horror and cinema, what’s the value of the new Supermassive?

TaraCroft, our emotional player from Twitch Madmoizelle crew, tested The Quarry Live. But what do we remember from this first test?

The Quarry was released a few days ago, and it didn’t take long to find a spot in our Steam libraries. Specializing in horror and fright, Supermassive Games returns with its new little gem, a proud spiritual successor to Until Dawnreleased in 2015. The game is played from a third-person perspective, and the game is described as Interactive horror and survival drama A short summary of this treasure from hell…

Crastest of The Quarry video game

When the sun goes down last day summer camp Hackett Quarry, Anonymous are having a party to celebrate. there is no children. Not adults. No rules. Obviously, things go wrong quickly (we didn’t expect that). Hunted by bloodstained locals (yes, why not) and an even more sinister mystery, teenage party plans turn out to be… Unpredictable horror night. Friendly jokes, fun and flirt make way for Life or death decisionswhere relationships are created or broken under the pressure From Cucumber unimaginable.

Everything is great, but What is a quarry made of? Being too scared to write a review of this game (and yes, I couldn’t get past the introduction, I’m too serious), I was pleased that TaraCroft, our streaming device engaged / engaged And a bloodthirsty player, he discovered the game with you live last week. Today she tells us about her first feeling.

The video game The Quarry is an amazing cinematic side

When the plot begins to stabilize, you will have to make decisions that will have a decisive impact on the sequel, and decide who will survive to the end. The game brilliantly alternates between cinematic and gameplay.

Game graphics embarrassed ! Detail, texture, looks like a Animated movie from the biggest studios. To the extent that you don’t notice the transition between gameplay and stories: the game is too Every moment is beautiful.

However, we are sorry initialization Game: If you don’t have a good machine, the cinematographers may get it a bit wrong (we also recommend putting30fps max).

quarry 2

Single game, 186 possible ending scenarios, and multiplayer mode

Regarding the story, let you find out from your side, but this time, the forest seems to hide many Gas… Suffice it to say that there may not be Not just one person Who wants your skin? Owl is not it?

Important note: from Next July 8, the free update will share this adventure with up to 7 online players who will watch your game and can vote on the decisions to be made. Something to lose weight! It is also possible to play it in co-op, with one player per character. A little like when we were He was passing the joystick between us in time.

A novelty with The Quarry: the game introduces you to it Cinema ModeIf you want to watch adventure like movie popcorn and drink in hand. This mode allows you to follow the story without playing: you Do not interfere with his progress.

Why are you watching a match you tell me, right? Well, when we find out that the game has no less than 186 different endings are possibleWe think that discovering the story from a different angle without having to play the game again is a very good thing. So you’ll have to think carefully about your choices when you play The Quarry…

For the masos among us, the game is already available everywhere: Playstation, Xbox and PC for 69.99 euros for consoles and 59.99 euros for PC.

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