Repechage: The popular (still) strong fan preference for Shane Wright

In exactly four weeks, Montreal Canadiens will be hunting first at the World Auction, which will be held at the Peel Center. But this one, you know.

What we don’t know yet is who will wear the club’s jersey in the first row.

Of course, everyone has their own opinion on this matter. Whether it’s Shane Wright, Juraj Slavkovsky or Logan Cooley, every player’s arguments are valid because players have talent.

But what is important is what Al-Kindi believes. This is ambiguous.

Probably sum Help leaders make their decisions, but we don’t know what they’re thinking because there are so many possibilities that make perfect sense. We also don’t know what he said to each other in meetings.

Briefly. All to say that in the eyes of the majority of CH supporters, who would be in the Peel position to laud the first option, sum It didn’t change public opinion as fans who took part in the excellent Anthony Martineau poll voted overwhelmingly for Wright as the first choice.

As of this writing, nearly 2,700 votes have been cast (which is a good sample) and nearly 82% of people would choose a Kingston player over Kent Hughes.

During the early hours of the poll, Wright was very popular.

The fact that Wright is a safer option and that the man is a center that has been under pressure in recent years is a factor for many people. But more and more pro-Slav comments are also starting to appear in recent days.

The debate on this topic will continue for a few more weeks. After that, there will be discussions about whether or not CH has performed well.

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