Shea Weber traded for Golden Knights

Webber has not played since the 2020-21 season, when the confinement team reached the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since 1993. The defender has been on the injured list since last October, and his contract still represents $7.8 million per season. Until the end of 2025-26 on the payroll. The Knights confirmed that Webber’s name would remain on that list.

Kent Hughes explains all the details about Shea Weber’s trade for Evgenii Dadonov.

The Canadian general manager, Kent Hughes, has made no secret of the matter: This exchange aims first and foremost to give his team some flexibility under the salary cap, even if he says he is happy to acquire a capable player. Help us aggressively in Dadunov.

The trade didn’t have to be done this summer, but it would have been a problem if Curry hadn’t been able to play. If we have close to $20 million on our long-term hit list, that could cause problems next year. Since we had the opportunity to do that, we didn’t want to risk that we’d make it to the end of next year, that Curry wouldn’t be able to play, that we’d be in a bad way, that other people know and that Shea’s price isn’t too high.

The trade worked for both teams. It gives Vegas more flexibility, and everyone knows they need it this year. It gives us some in the coming years if we need it. »

Quote from Kent Hughes, General Manager, Montreal Canadiens

This means that Carey Price’s position has not changed. The goalkeeper hopes to play next year, and the organization wants that too, but he only appeared in five games last season. His condition necessarily presents a question mark, and Hughes had no news to report on his condition.

Hughes said that if Price ends up on the long-term injury list again next season for some reason, Webber’s absence from the contract won’t make managing the payroll budget an issue.

We’re talking about a very important player in Canadian organizing history, Hughes said, about Price. We want to help him get back to playing here. We are a much better team with him than without him. But if we are in another situation, we will see in time and space. Today’s exchange is certain of this situation.

Webber, now 36, joined the Canadians in June 2016, when the Hubs replaced BK Suban with the Nashville Predators. He became the captain of the team ahead of the 2018 season and will have scored 58 goals and 88 assists in 275 matches in the blue, white and red jersey.

Dadonov became a member of the Canadians after scoring 20 goals and 23 assists in 78 matches in 2021-2022 with the Golden Knights. The 33-year-old Russian striker has scored 265 points in 413 NHL games with the Golden Knights, Ottawa Senators and Florida Panthers.

The new acquisition of CH in 2022-2023 will play the final drive of a 3-year contract with a total value of $15 million.

Hughes said our intention is not to trade with Dadonov. The plan is for him to play with us next year. Can it be traded on the deadline [ou] in summer? We’ll listen to everything, but that’s not the plan.

This theme recurs frequently in Kent Hughes’ speech. GM said he’s had multiple calls to Josh Anderson – he hasn’t traded, yet – and confirmed that no trade is imminent in Jeff Petrie’s case – but he doesn’t. Doesn’t mean there can’t be one in the draft.

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