Joshua Roy will be disqualified tonight to add weight to the Rocket roster

On Wednesday night, Joshua Roy made his long-awaited professional debut. The Canadian hope who signed up to try to finish the season at Laval, was able to follow the show during the match, which is pretty cool.

But in the end, he’s still a youngster who just played his 18-year-old season in Q who has no actual experience with the pros. He played for a club in the AHL semi-finals due to an injury.

I’m not saying it to discredit him because I think he has done well and deserves his place. I say this to make clear that his position is simply uncertain during the 2022 Missiles qualifiers. This is his situation.

Today, he realized it in training when he saw that he didn’t have a regular streak. He will already be ruled out as the Rocket attempts to level the 2-2 Honor Series.

Why would he and Peter Abandonato drop the list in favor of Gabriel Burke and Devante Smith Bailey? In Porky’s case, that’s because he’s the average person.

But in the end, Rocket wants to add weight to his roster. The Birds played “heavy” on Wednesday and Holly wants to respond through the barrel of his guns, which explains the changes. Jean-Francois Houle even thought of playing seven defenders To merge Gianni Fairbrother.

So all this is to say that Roy could be back on the Rocket List soon. It could be until tomorrow nightwhich proves that we loved his work on the rocket.

Hall also claims that Jean-Sebastian Dee and Jesse Yellonen produced less insult than Joshua Roy, but excluding players who took the rocket to seven Calder Cup victories doesn’t make sense.

So it’s the young people who suffer and not the veterans, which makes sense. However, the Fitness Trainer Lavalois knows what he’s doing and I think Dia and Ilonen got the message.

It is up to them to play accordingly.

The match will take place at Place Bell tonight at 7 p.m. The loss means the Rockets will face elimination tomorrow as Springfield leads 2-1 in that series.

In another semi-final series, the Stockton Heat will face elimination tonight against the Chicago Wolves, who are leading the series 3-0.

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