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After shortages of toilet paper and baby formula, children’s medicines based on ibuprofen and acetaminophen for pain and fever began to run out. Empty shelves of Tylenol, Advil, Motrin and Tempra in some pharmacies cause parental headaches.

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Emily Bellodo

Emily Bellodo

“We receive these medicines in the form of drops and liquids,” confirms Benoit Morin, president of the Quebec Society of Monopolistic Pharmacists. We’re talking about a partial deficiency, but not a complete deficiency, which means drugstores don’t have all forms, all flavors, and all concentrations. »

If you are looking for a specific brand or flavor, you may not find it.

Benoit Maureen, President of the Quebec Pharmacists Association

The makers of ibuprofen-based Advil and Motrin, Tylenol and acetaminophen-based Tempra say they are facing unprecedented demand. On the other hand, private brands (also called “home brands”) can be found without much difficulty in pharmacies.

Bertrand Bolduc, president of the Quebec Pharmacists Syndicate, says the surge in demand started in the winter when many children contracted COVID-19. Now that health measures have been relaxed, other respiratory viruses are beginning to spread.

In this context, parents rushed to pharmacies to get medicines for pain and fever.

“I wouldn’t blame the manufacturers too much, because no one saw the waves of COVID coming,” Bolduc says. At the start of the epidemic, children were less affected by the coronavirus and had few symptoms. On the other hand, new variants seem to affect young children more. »

Problem quickly solved?

Benoit Morin says manufacturers have already started ramping up production. So it is believed that the deficiency should subside by the end of the summer.

“North America is a big region. It doesn’t take a huge increase in demand to create what happens. These are time-limited products. There is an expiration date, so there is absolutely no huge surplus.”

The pharmacist also warns parents who will choose an alternative medicine if they cannot find the one they usually buy. “There is a risk of error when changing the medication. If you are used to giving drops at 80mg/ml, but you change the syrup to 80mg/5ml, it will not be the same concentration. Parents need to be careful,” he notes.

The specialist stresses that this deficiency generates a state of uncertainty between parents. But this uncertainty should not prompt everyone to buy it. Well, that shouldn’t happen. People should be reassured that we will get enough. »

” I’m exhausted ”

Jessica Goult visited Costco and three Walmart stores in her area to find Advil for her baby boy in Boss. The four companies didn’t have the product they were looking for. “I was finally able to find some on Amazon,” explains this mother of two.

Photo provided by Jessica Joliet

Jessica Joliet with her husband Jeremy Couture and their children Noah and Milano.

MI Gault is particularly indignant at the shortage of basic baby products. Since February, she says she has traveled at least 650 kilometers to find a hypoallergenic formula for her baby.

“I am tired, oh my God, yes! I have exhausted all these stocks. My child was born on November 23, and since February he gets sick all the time. »

“Tylenol and Advil are important. From 6 months, babies have a fever to none. They have a cold and a fever. This mom, who also works as a nurse, explains that she only uses the medication in cases of force majeure.

Carolan Moras, I went to Jean Coteau urgently, at the beginning of the week, to relieve her daughter’s ear infection. Instead of finding Tylenol, I encountered a large blue banner that read, “Out of stock.”

Photo provided by Carolan Morse

Carolan Morras

“I was lucky because I went to see the pharmacist and he told me I could switch Adult Tylenol since my daughter was 10 years old. comfort me! ‘ says this woman from Donacona.

“It’s the same with us. [les adultes], she completes. When you feel pain somewhere, you are used to having Tylenol or Advil on hand. When we don’t have more, it can become annoying and we can become nervous. »

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